10 tips for buying flowers for your sweetheart

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10 tips for buying flowers for your sweetheart

1. You can never go wrong with a dozen roses
Roses, along with candy and chocolate, are one of the most cherished symbols of Valentine's Day. And red roses are, of course, the I Love You standard. Note, however, that you will pay a premium for them on this day.

2. They don't have to be red
Beautiful red roses are not the only Valentine's Day flowers you can send. Colours of Valentine's Day include red, pink and white, so pink and white roses also work well, as do yellow ones.

3. Get creative
Make Valentine's Day a memorable one by reaching out with a fresh-cut bunch of tulips on February 14th to say 'I Love You' or 'I'm thinking of you on this special day.' Other flowers such as camellias, azaleas and forget-me-nots work well, too.

4. Put a little thought into it
Show that you put a little more thought into the flowers. Instead of dialing 911-RedRoses, think about an exotic flower like a showy orchid stem.

5. Different flowers convey different meanings
Globe Amaranth sends the message of unfading love to your sweetheart; violet and yellow jasmine shows modesty and simplicity; daffodils and daisies are a nice way to show gratitude.

6. Get her what she likes
If she really loves peonies, forget the roses and knock yourself out – send her a dozen of these in her favourite colour instead.

7. Brighten up anyone's day

Valentine’s Day is not just for lovers. Surprise a coworker with bright sunflowers, your child's teacher with carnations, or a friend with a bunch of lilacs.

8. OK to send a guy flowers?
Sure, go ahead and send him flowers, but think first. What kind of guy is he? Is it something he would really like and appreciate? Maybe game tickets are more his style? An MP3 player?

9. Stay away from potted plants

Some are beautiful, and it's true, they last much longer than cut flowers, and you get more for your buck, but cut flowers say, "I threw caution to the wind. I did not do the sensible thing today. I send you these because today, I am thinking with my heart, not with my head."

10. What if someone is allergic to flowers
Now it's time to use your brain – stay away from flowers. Again, candy, chocolate and theatre tickets can be just as sweet on Feb. 14.


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10 tips for buying flowers for your sweetheart