5 fun Halloween date ideas

5 fun Halloween date ideas

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5 fun Halloween date ideas

Halloween can be a fun and spontaneous time of year -- not only for children, but for adults, too! This spooky holiday lends itself well to bringing out the fun side of dating. Whether you enjoy spending time in the kitchen, getting outdoors or seeing a good movie, almost any date has the opportunity to be filled with the scares, laughs and great treats that come with a holiday like Halloween.

We asked Christine Hart, a Toronto-based dating expert and coach, for some ideas on how to give your next date a Halloween twist.

1. Meet up in a candy shop
Who doesn't have fond memories of the candies and treats we enjoyed as kids? Get together with your date and make a plan to raid a candy shop, particularly one that sells all of your childhood favourites.

"Talk about what you got excited about to get in your pillowcase at Halloween, and then head down to the specialty candy store and get those items," says Hart. "You can compare stories and talk about what your favourite candies were, and build a junk-food meal around that."

She also suggests looking up candy recipes online and having a date night trying to recreate the sugary treats you both liked as kids.

2. Catch a scary movie
Scary movie marathons are already a fun tradition around Halloween, but scary movie marathons with a date can be even better. The thrill of watching a scary movie together on a date can amp up the excitement factor, especially if your last few dates have been relatively low-key, says Hart.

"It gives you a good reason to cuddle on the couch, too," she says.

Picking an overly creepy movie does have potential to kill the mood, though, Hart warns: "You may want to voice your preference; otherwise you're going to be up all night wondering what that creak in the house was," she says.

3. Go out and get a pumpkin together
Few things are more romantic than driving out to the countryside to pick up a pumpkin, enjoying the fall leaves together on your drive. So why not make a day of it?

"A great date idea would be to get out of the city and go get a pumpkin. Go and pick them right out of the patch," she says. "That can be a great daytime date, and maybe you could find a place to get some hot apple cider and go for a fall colours walk."

She also suggests looking up fall festivals and events in your local paper. "You could both sit down on a Saturday morning and have a leisurely breakfast, and then just plan out some fun fall activities," she suggests.

4. Hand out candy to trick-or-treaters
It's Halloween – so don't forget about the trick-or-treaters. It can be easy and fun to make a date out of it handing out candy to kids.

"I'm a fan of the front porch, romantic giving-out-candy date," says Hart. "In between the kids coming to get the candy you can get to know each other and see how you interact with strangers," she suggest. "You can make it romantic with a couple glasses of wine on the front porch. Have one candy for the kids and one for you. That can be a nice low-key thing to do on Halloween."

5. Invite your date to a Halloween party
Halloween is one of those holidays where there are fewer social rules when it comes to inviting your date to parties. If you're wearing costumes, it can also be a great way to let loose and see each other's goofier, more creative sides.

"Halloween parties can open up a lot of fun," says Hart. "You get these immediate opportunities to start seeing how you work together as a team and how important fun is to that person."

Getting dressed up and going to a Halloween party is a great way to "open up a window" to your date's personality, explains Hart.

Halloween is a great time of year to not only enjoy sweet treats, seasonal food and dressing up in crazy costumes, but it's a perfect opportunity to create some fun dating opportunities with a new or old love. The fun-loving spirit of the holiday can offer up all sorts of fun ways to spend time together and create new memories and traditions.

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5 fun Halloween date ideas