5 tips for creating an online dating profile

5 tips for creating an online dating profile

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5 tips for creating an online dating profile

It can be hard to put yourself out there in the dating world, but with online dating becoming more and more mainstream, connecting with others has become a lot easier. However, there are still rules to follow -- and many of them are the same rules that apply to traditional dating.

We turned to Laura Bilotta, the president and owner of, for some expert advice on what to consider when creating an online dating profile.

"An online dating profile is basically who you are in the virtual world of online dating," says Bilotta. "So I think it's really important that people are critical about what they put in it."

1. Don't give out too much information
This rule applies as much to the first date as it does to your online profile. It's important to remember that you are going out into the dating world to find a partner, not a therapist. Keep the information on your online dating profile light and simple -- and the same goes for the first date.

"I think some things should be kept to a minimum until you meet somebody, and even when you go on a first date you shouldn't talk too much about your personal life," says Bilotta.

"People don't want to know that you just got divorced and your children are crying every day. People get way too personal and it scares the other person off," she explains. "It happens a lot and it just shows people that you're not ready to be dating."

2. Put up a profile picture of yourself
According to Bilotta, this is one of the most common errors made by online daters. If you don't bother including a photo of yourself in your online dating profile it leaves others wondering why -- and what it is you are holding back.

"If you're going to make the effort to actually go on a dating site and meet somebody, than you should put a picture of yourself on your profile," Bilotta advises. "The profiles with no pictures are looked at last, so you're missing out on a lot of potential dates."

It's also important that the picture you choose shows your face clearly, says Bilotta. Don't hide behind sunglasses or post pictures of yourself at a distance where people can barely make you out.

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3. Don't leave your profile empty
Another problem that online daters have is leaving their profiles empty or vague. You don't want to write your entire life story in your profile, but you should write something.

"If you're going to create a profile on the Internet, treat it a little bit like a job. You want to represent yourself in the best way possible, and having an incomplete profile doesn't really tell much about who you are," Bilotta explains. "The more complete your profile is, the better opportunity you have for finding an ideal match."

4. Be honest
It isn't uncommon to find people misrepresenting themselves online, but when it comes to your own dating profile, honesty is always the best policy.

"Once someone becomes a liar, they're always going to be a liar in your eyes, so don't lie right off the bat," she warns. "It's very important to be as honest as possible because it's going to bite you in the butt later on."

Think about how you would feel going out on a date with someone who seemed like a match, only to find out that he misrepresented himself on his profile. Whether it's lying about your age, your height or your occupation, any misrepresentations will paint you as dishonest, so it's best to be as honest and upfront as possible when creating your profile.

5. Be positive
Potential daters are much more likely to respond to a profile that has a sunny disposition rather than one that comes across as negative or pessimistic, says Bilotta.

"People sometimes complain in their dating profile about how lonely they are, or they are negative and mention how they were hurt before and how they don't want drama," she says. "Nobody is attracted to a negative person, so represent yourself as confident and assertive."

As you put together your online dating profile, keep in mind how you would present yourself in a face-to-face date. Online dating can be a really great resource for singles, and as long as you keep these few rules in mind, it can yield great results.

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5 tips for creating an online dating profile