6 habits of happier, healthier and more productive people

6 habits of happier, healthier and more productive people

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6 habits of happier, healthier and more productive people

Our editors share their best life tips.

Science says you should spend more time socializing. For more than 75 years, researchers at Harvard University have been studying what makes us happy and, according to current project director Robert Waldinger, strong social connections are the number-one predictor. "Good relationships keep us happier and healthier. Period," he said in a 2015 TED Talk.

Save the day
Everyone knows about the pay-yourself- first rule, but when you're staring down a stack of bills, saving can easily drop off your radar. So take yourself out of the equation entirely. Talk to your bank about setting up a TFSA, or a regular preauthorized transfer from your chequing to your savings account, and soon you'll be watching your money grow. And don't forget to check in once a year to see if you can afford to up the amount you're tucking away, even by a few dollars.

Digital detox
If life feels too full and noisy, try a no-gadget night once a week. Switch off all electronics, turn down the lights, enjoy relaxing activities and fall asleep earlier. Take it to the next level with no talking! — Jo Bennett, life coach

Don't go to bed angry
No, really—don't. According to a 2016 study, going to sleep while angry might reinforce negative memories, making it harder to get over the things that made you mad.

Bragging rights
Looking to get ahead at work? It may not be enough to just tell your boss. Research by Catalyst, a nonprofit that promotes inclusive workplaces, says we should get comfortable talking about our accomplishments instead. The study found that women who clearly articulated career wins, "advanced further, increased their compensation growth and were more satisfied with their careers."

Tools of the trade
Three must-have smartphone apps that make life better, easier or just more fun.


1. Flipp (free, iOS and Android): The high-tech version of coupon clipping, use this app to price match, redeem coupons or see who has chicken on sale.

2. Field trip (free, iOS and Android): Discover hidden gems as you walk through any city—the app sends restaurant referrals, trivia and shopping tips based on proximity.

3. Downcast ($4, iOS): If you've been meaning to get into podcasts, check out this highly rated app. Search for interesting podcasts, download them to listen later and catch up on back episodes.



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6 habits of happier, healthier and more productive people