Dating advice: 5 ways to win a guy over

Dating advice: 5 ways to win a guy over

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Dating advice: 5 ways to win a guy over

We're often told that there are certain rules we should follow in the dating world, such as acting unavailable, playing hard to get, appearing disinterested or waiting a certain amount of time to return calls or texts. But does playing games really land you the prize?

To get the male perspective, we turned to Howard Glassman, also known as Humble from Humble & Fred Radio. He divulges what men want and how best to find dating success.

1. Don't play games
It's time to say goodbye to game playing in dating. Honesty really is the best policy. "I think playing games is so out of date," says Glassman. "A newer, more satisfying way of dealing with each other is, if you want something, say it."

Men want to make women happy, so make that as easy for them as possible, he advises. "We love making you happy. What we don't love is not being able to figure out what you want." So, instead of hoping he'll assume you like him or want to go out, just tell him how you feel. He'll appreciate the honest communication and the fact that you're confident enough to go after what you want.

2. Don't move too quickly
Even when you do click with someone, it's a good idea to take things slowly at first. Don't send a text saying "I miss you" too early on. "It's almost like scaring an animal [by moving] too quickly. You need to make him come to you," says Glassman.

Men come around to the relationship part eventually, so be watchful that you're not pushing it on him too fast. "Even though you may want to seal the deal, that's something that's got to come from a guy," says Glassman. Rather than making him feel like he has been forced into something he is not ready for, allow him to make that dating decision for himself.

Page 1 of 2 -- Discover three more great ways you can win your guy over on page 2. 3. Make your intentions known
Make sure you honestly represent what you want. If you're interested in a serious relationship, don't act as if you just want some frivolous fun. "Make sure your intentions are simply understood and very clear from the beginning. Don't use sex as an enticement to have a relationship," warns Glassman.

Things work best when both people are on the same page. It's important not to think one thing and do another. Not only will you lose credibility, but you'll also find that you won't get what you want out of the relationship.

4. Hold off on the social media updates
Be very cautious before you start updating your social media accounts with everything you and your new boyfriend are doing.

"When you update your Facebook status in reference to a guy, you are basically showing he's yours," says Glassman. Early on, this comes off as possessive and territorial as opposed to sweet and charming, he explains.

By letting all of your friends know what the two of you are doing at every moment, it can seem like you're more concerned about having someone to do these things with and less concerned about the actual person, which can give the guy you're dating a negative impression.

5. Be upfront about hooking up
Not looking for or not ready for a serious relationship? That's OK. "It's time that women admit the fact that they enjoy physical relations. Many women think that if they like sex, they will be judged. But that's not true," says Glassman, who wishes women would accept that it's OK to hook up without having a title or assuming they're doing something wrong. "Women need to be upfront with men and say very clearly, 'I like you. I don't want to be your girlfriend, but I'd love to hook up with you.'" There is nothing wrong with this so long as you don't have intentions of eventually getting a relationship out of it.

Glassman thinks that men are ready for women to take charge when it comes to dating. Guys love women who are very clear about they want. It's as simple as that. "If you expect a man to read your mind and determine what you want, you will be waiting a long time," he says.

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Dating advice: 5 ways to win a guy over