Discover why Shania Twain is Canada's sexiest woman

Discover why Shania Twain is Canada's sexiest woman

Author: Canadian Living


Discover why Shania Twain is Canada's sexiest woman

Our readers have spoken: Shania Twain is Canada's Sexiest Woman! A solid one-third of respondents in Canadian Living's Intimacy Survey voted the Windsor, Ontario–born singer the sexiest in the land. Runners up included Rachel McAdams (22.1 per cent voted her sexiest), Kim Cattrall (9.8 per cent), and musicians Diana Krall (9.2 per cent) and Sarah McLachlan (8.3 per cent).

What gave sultry Shania the win? Here are 10 compelling reasons why we think she's hotness incarnate.

1. She's naturally beautiful.
Shania's more than just a pretty face – she may actually possess the prototypical pretty face. In a recent study, a group of University of Toronto researchers found that Shania's features are proportionally "ideal."

2. She has her own style.
"Money can't buy taste" is one criticism that’s been lobbed her way, and she's appeared on more than one "Worst-Dressed" list. But so what? She wore a gorgeous and tasteful gown for her January 2011 beach wedding to hubby Frédéric Thiébaud, and, frankly, if you looked like this in a skin-tight, see-through lace, catsuit, wouldn't you wear it on stage once or twice?

3. That amazing voice.
It's sultry and womanly. It doesn't do multi-octave, hey-look-at-my-range theatrics, but it boasts strength and earthiness. Shania nails every song, whether it's honky-tonk country, pop or a soulful ballad.

4 She's a self-made multimillionaire.
Shania grew up poor: Her first gigs as an eight-year-old were at local bars in small-town Sudbury, Ont., where she performed for the last remaining patrons after final call, to help put food on the family's table. From humble roots, she's built a reported $450-million fortune, with plans to launch her own TV show (called Why Not? With Shania Twain) on the Oprah Winfrey Network.

Success? It's sexy.

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5. She's a nurturer.
After her mother and beloved stepfather were killed in a car accident in 1987, Eileen Twain (as she was then known), moved with her three younger siblings to Huntsville, Ont. At the tender age of 21, she became their guardian, supporting the family by performing in musical and theatrical productions at a local resort. She was a "mom" well before she actually became a yummy mummy in 2001.

6. That name!
"Shania" sounds vixenish but is actually substantive. It means "on my way" in Ojibwa and symbolizes the former Eileen Twain's second act, when she was able to pursue her Nashville dreams full-tilt after her younger siblings grew up and left the nest. It's also a nod to her beloved stepfather’s Ojibwa heritage.

7. She's a rocker chick at heart.
As if you couldn't tell from her wild hair and cropped tops! The first concert she attended was Ted Nugent. In her younger years, she was into Bryan Adams and David Lee Roth. "I didn't even get into the art-school-type thing – R.E.M and all those bands – because I was so into the rock. AC/DC, man!" she once said.

8. She's a hall-of-famer.
This year's Juno Awards will see Shania – whose Come on Over is the bestselling country music album of all time – inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame. Her incredible career accomplishments include 12 Juno awards, five Grammy Awards, 41 million albums sold in the U.S., over 4.2 million sold in Canada and multiplatinum album sales in 32 countries around the world.

9. That killer body.
She's ruffled a few feathers with her boundary-pushing, midriff-baring videos (not your typical Nashville fare), but Shania's never been shy about flaunting what good genes, a vegetarian diet and plenty of power walking and horseback riding have earned her: tight, sexy curves that won't quit.

10. She's a true country girl.
She grew up snaring rabbits and hunting moose with her stepfather in Timmins and Sudbury. She's planted trees on a northern reforestry crew. She's as comfortable walking a red carpet as she is chopping firewood. And that, most Canadians would agree, is hot!

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Discover why Shania Twain is Canada's sexiest woman