How to know you're still in love with your partner

How to know you're still in love with your partner

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How to know you're still in love with your partner

There's nothing like a good romance, and at this time of year when there are so many things to celebrate, it's important not to lose sight of that love. Now is a good time to check in and see whether or not you're still lusting after your partner.

We asked some Canadian couples to share how they know that they're still in love with their significant others. Here are the most popular responses. Do you agree?

Sign you're still in love #1: You still get butterflies
If you've ever had that fluttery feeling in your stomach, you know how overwhelming this physiological feeling is. Women agreed that this chemistry shows them just how bad they still have it for their loves. Though many people think that chemistry and butterflies are reserved solely for the honeymoon phase, it's important to realize that -- if those feelings are strong enough -- they can last well throughout your marriage. This creates that keep-you-on-your-toes feeling that keeps passion alive.

"I still get butterflies and can't help but smile when I see him."
-- Quynh N., Toronto, Ont.

Sign you're still in love #2: You catch yourself smiling
Ever doubt just how strong the power of a thought of a loved one is? It's pretty amazing how just the thought alone of your sweetheart can have the ability to uplift you, as a smile spreads across your face. If -- as you read this screen -- you can picture your partner and notice your lips turning up, it's safe to say that your other half owns your heart.

"You know you're still in love if you can still get giddy and excited when you think about how you first met, the first kiss, etc."
-- Christa J., Toronto, Ont.

Sign you're still in love #3: You can't wait to see him
When the anticipation of seeing your partner still excites you after all these years, you are still in love. Anticipation is a very healthy and safe feeling to have. Similar to butterflies, it causes a physiological response in your body. As your adrenaline pumps through your veins, you might blush or feel like your stomach is tied in knots. When your partner has been away on a business trip, or even if you're just waiting for him to come home after a day at work, your anticipation is a surefire sign that your heart belongs to that person.

"When I pull up the driveway and hit the garage-door button, my heart skips a beat if his car is there."
-- Kristeen G., Spruce Grove, Alta.

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Sign you're still in love #4: You might not be into PDAs, but you have fun behind closed doors
As time goes on and you get more comfortable with your partner, it's common to stick to "the usual" in the bedroom. It's understandable, since you know your partner's wants and how to fulfill them, but keeping things routine doesn't up the ante on matters of the heart. To keep that loving feeling, be open to being more playful behind closed doors.

Natalia I. from Toronto, Ont., takes a more playful and cheeky approach, saying you know you're still in love "when you still want to jump each other's bones after eight years!"

Sign you're still in love #5: You don't sweat the small stuff
When people argue in relationships (and it's bound to happen), it should be about big-picture problems, not whose turn it is to empty the dishwasher. Instead of asking who's right and who's wrong, ask: Who cares? Relationships take teamwork and need strong foundations to last. It's important to let minor things slide and be there to support one another, as opposed to tear one another down and nitpick over insignificant things.

"We smile over the silly things and laugh and cuddle through the hard stuff."
-- Stephanie F., Thornhill, Ont.

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How to know you're still in love with your partner