How to plan a date to remember

How to plan a date to remember

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How to plan a date to remember

Even if you've been with your partner for quite some time, you still look forward to date night with him just as much as you did when you first met. Sure, when you were in the courting phase he enthusiastically offered to cook you dinner at his place or surprised you with weekend getaways.

But after the initial honeymoon phase wears off and you settle in to your relationship, it takes a little more work to keep things romantic.

We spoke with Andrea Syrtash, author of the new book Cheat On Your Husband (With Your Husband) (Rodale Books, 2011), about the importance of breaking free from routine. "With a little planning, you can make the process of going on dates just as exciting now as it was when you were first falling in love," says Syrtash.

1. Plan to be spontaneous
It's easy for date nights to go off the radar, which is why it's so important to plan them. "Couples need to plan to be spontaneous because of their busy lives," says Syrtash. "Some couples have kids, and even without kids most couples have demanding jobs and schedules, and they can't just pick up and indulge in romance like they used to. But that doesn't mean they can't plan moments like that."

For instance, in the morning, as you both head your separate ways for work, book a date with your partner for a specific date and time. Then send an invitation or meeting request to his cellphone. His phone will prompt him to reply and carve out time in his schedule for your rendezvous -- ensuring he doesn't double book.

2. Take separate cars to your date place
Choose a locale, order yourself a cocktail and drop your partner a text (around the time he usually wraps up at work) informing him where you are and that you have a drink with his name on it on your table. The excitement of something out of the ordinary accompanied by the ease of him not having to come up with plans and a venue will make this a desirable offer he can't refuse.

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3. Keep it simple
Just because you've scheduled a date together, doesn't mean it needs to be over-the-top. "When we're busy, it seems to take a lot of energy to get carried away by romance, but it's important to break out of routine with our partner every so often," says Syrtash.

"It might feel like too much of a production to plan a novel date night, but by experiencing something new together, you're reminded of why you fell in love."

Why not head out to an area of town that you never frequent and window-shop restaurant menus, allowing you both to try something different. You don't need to go somewhere fancy and high-class to deem it a date night. Instead, just go with the flow and you may find a hidden gem.

4. Make a toast together
If you have a date night planned, enjoy a cocktail at home first. Pick up a bottle of your favourite wine before your date and use your best stemware. As you toast to each other and to your night, you're already making it a memorable evening. By starting the date on this note, you can both take time to appreciate one another as you look forward to the rest of the evening.

5. Extraordinary measures

According to Syrtash, when you do something out of the ordinary with your partner "it's a novelty because it changes the way you look at each other." If you want to try horseback riding or indoor rock climbing, do a simple Google search to see where in your area you can do just that. By making your whims a reality, you can connect with your partner in a whole new way and experience something that's new and exciting for you both.

By putting in effort and setting plans, you show your partner you care. A little forethought makes sure that you are both accountable to a plan and makes it more likely that you will follow through on quality time together.

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How to plan a date to remember