How to plan a special Valentine's Day your date will love

How to plan a special Valentine's Day your date will love

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How to plan a special Valentine's Day your date will love

Does the thought of Valentine's Day conjure up bad images of cheap drugstore chocolates and impossible dinner reservations? While many Canadian couples automatically go this route, it can actually be more fun and less stressful to celebrate the night at home with your honey.

If communication is often heralded as one of the most important parts of a happy relationship, why spent the most romantic night of the year struggling to hear over the din of a busy restaurant? If you have kids, drop the kids off at Grandma and Grandpa's house (with a crafty card they made themselves) and catch-up over an intimate dinner you can cook together.

Though cooking his or your favourite meal is a no-brainer, why not experiment with something extra-special, say, Oysters with licorice, figs and eggs? Just kidding, although you'll find these foods—and 23 others—in our A to Z guide of aphrodisiacs. Choose from the suggested Tested-Till-Perfect recipes that accompany the ingredients, or pick from six complete menu plans for a sexy feast.

With your appetites satisfied, think twice about settling in with Blockbuster's newest No. 1. Many Canadian couples source lack of intimacy as a hindrance to their happiness, so why not get reacquainted with the passionate person you fell in love with? If you're not sure where or how to start, find advice in 10 ways to fire up your sex life.

Does time alone sound like an impossible dream? If hockey practice and ballet lessons don't take this romantic day off, don't fret—squeeze in some quality time with your man once the kids are back from their after-school activities. Discover ten exciting and original date ideas that you and your partner can fit in 90 minutes or less below.

An A to Z aphrodisiacs guide
Get recipes for food s of passion, plus a collection of romantic Valentine's Day menus

ASPARAGUS: Rich in vitamin E, is thought to stimulate sex hormones. Test Kitchen recipe to try: Roasted Asparagus.

BASIL: Used in voodoo love ceremonies in Haiti as an offering to Erzulie, the voodoo love goddess. Check out our collection of Bountiful basil recipes.

10 ideas for 90-minute dates
Escape your kids for two hours or less and get sexy back with these date ideas.

Surprise: you've got a sitter! Well, not a hired babysitter, and not for a whole evening, but a helpful relative or friend let's say, who was in the neighbourhood and is suddenly available for a speed-sitting gig of 90 minutes or less. Should you stay and enjoy a tea together? Nah: if she offers to hold the fort while you and your hubby bail, go for it.

Here are 10 fun, no-reservations-required dates you and your spouse can enjoy in 90 minutes or less.

10 ways to fire up your sex life
Tips for turning up the heat in the bedroom and reigniting the spark in your relationship.

After a long day wrestling with the dishwasher, chauffeuring the kids to soccer practice and cooking a meal to rival that of the Naked Chef guy, the last thing on your mind is performing a striptease for your husband. If your sex life has gone the way of acid wash jeans, here are 10 simple solutions to help rekindle the passion that brought the two of you together in the first place.

3 easy Valentine's Day crafts your children can make at home
Gather your brood inside to make handmade Valentine's cards, holders and bunting this year.

Show someone special just how much you love them with one (or more!) of these easy paper crafts. Click on the thumbnail images below to open a larger photograph of each finished craft.

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How to plan a special Valentine's Day your date will love