How to steam up your sex life this winter

How to steam up your sex life this winter

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How to steam up your sex life this winter

Winter is not usually conducive to feeling sexy. We're staying at home more than going out, and are buried under multiple layers of clothing, often favouring flannel over anything else in our closets. Not exactly a recipe for romance. But despite the swirling snow and sub-zero temperatures, getting your groove back in the bedroom can be easier than you think.

We turned to Dana B. Myers, a relationship expert, founder of sexy lifestyle brand Booty Parlor and author of Mojo Makeover: Four Weeks to a Sexier You (Harper Perennial, 2011), for some simple ways to rev up the romance this winter. "The winter months can put a damper on many couples' love lives," she says. "After a long day's work and a hefty, warm dinner, the couch and TV seem more appealing than a wild romp in the bedroom." Myers shares her top five get-frisky tips sure to heat up your sex life this season.

1. Get playful
Winter snowstorms provide endless opportunities to reconnect with your partner, Myers says. Instead of hiding from the falling snow, think like a kid. Bundle up and go sledding together. It's romantic and it beats grumbling about whose turn it is to shovel the driveway.

"The silliness of sliding down hills in tandem will make you laugh, and holding onto each other for dear life will bring you closer," she explains. Experiencing one of life's simple joys together isn't just a way to boost your bond. It can also help get you in the mood for sex. "When you have fun together you'll find that it's not only your love that increases, but your libido, too," says Myers.

2. Cook with aphrodisiacs
Staying inside during the winter months often means more home cooking. Rather than sticking to your usual repertoire of cold-weather recipes, try cooking with something sexy and making meals together. "Pick a night every week to cook together using aphrodisiacs: ingredients that inspire desire," Myers says. "As you cook, ignite your senses by taking in the aromas." Aphrodisiac ingredients are said to boost sex drive and include items such as figs, almonds, oysters, truffle oil, honey, pomegranate and ginger.

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3. Give your bedroom a makeover
Instead of just hibernating in your bedroom this winter, give it a makeover to create an environment that feels romantic and sensual. "When you turn your bedroom into an oasis for seduction, you'll find that you both want to spend more time there -- together," Myers explains.

There's no need to redecorate completely, but do get rid of clutter, put your lights on a dimmer, upgrade to softer, silkier bedding and pepper the room with candles to create immediate intimacy and warmth. Myers also suggests placing a seductive book on your nightstand so you and your partner have something sexy you can read together before bed.

4. Dress the part
Although you may feel more comfortable in leggings and slouchy sweaters, wearing lingerie can go a long way toward spicing up your sex life. The sexier you feel, the more likely it is that you'll be in the mood to have sex, and we're willing to bet your partner will appreciate the wardrobe change. "Continuing to play with lingerie during the winter months shows your partner that you care. And he'll likely reciprocate with more effort of his own," Myers says.

5. Be flirty
It may have been years since you flirted with your husband or he flirted with you, but chances are you remember how good it felt. This winter, recreate that flirty feeling. Head to your favourite bar together, peel off some layers, order some wine and make a point of getting flirty with each other. "It may be cold outside, but you can turn up the heat with some simple flirting techniques," Myers says.

Flirting makes each person feel desired, which can lead to a stronger physical connection. "We all crave the feeling of being desired by our partners, and when we feel wanted, we want to spend more time snuggling, kissing and getting frisky," she explains.

Winter may be the most dreaded season for many, but heating things up in the bedroom as the weather turns cold doesn't have to be difficult. All it takes is a willingness to have fun, get flirty and inject a bit of romance into your everyday routine.

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How to steam up your sex life this winter