Love: 65 ways to fall in love again

Love: 65 ways to fall in love again

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Love: 65 ways to fall in love again

Experts believe that it's the amount of work you put into a relationship that makes the difference. No surprises there, but do you know what exactly to do to strengthen your love? We've researched new and fun ways to show your honey that you care. No roses and chocolates here; discover unconventional, creative ways to show your love.

You'll also learn about the role that science plays when it comes to falling in love and how to train your brain to feel the spark of new love again.

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Take your partner's breath away. Do something amazingly thoughtful and out of the ordinary. These events solidify you in the person's limbic brain. Taking someone's breath away involves surprise, in a wonderful way, even if it is a small gesture of love. You can also teach your partner how you want to be surprised. If you like chocolate, tell him to hide some around the house in creative places so that you can find them throughout the day and think of him.

5 behaviours to guarantee lasting love
These actions show what love really looks like.

Relationships are hard work, plus many of us carry so much emotional baggage that we sabotage the very relationships that we work so hard to find. Dr. Linda Austin, author of Heart of the Matter, visited with Balance Television host Dr. Marla Shapiro to talk about five core behaviours that can foster true and everlasting love.

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A prescription for love: Get a large clear jar with a lid from the dollar store. Make 100 small strips of paper and write on them reasons why you love him -- some serious, some romantic and some funny. Use a glue stick to glue each paper onto the tag of a Hershey's Kiss candy. Put all the candies in the jar. Make a label for the jar that reads: Rx: 100 reasons why I love you. Dosage: Take one a day for 100 days. For optimum effect kiss wife.
Lisa Sutherland, Yarmouth, NS

The science of falling in love
Is love a random occurrence, or are the flames of passion driven by chemistry and DNA? Here are the latest theories from the love laboratory.

"He's a steely-eyed sniper perched on the roof of a skyscraper high above a nameless city, the half-eaten doughnut and pack of smokes at his side an indication of his patience when it comes to choosing a target. He slowly scans the ground below with binoculars, his weapon of choice resting across his lap. When he aims, he won't miss."

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Love: 65 ways to fall in love again