Relationships and love: all about marriage

Relationships and love: all about marriage

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Relationships and love: all about marriage

We've got almost everything you want to know about marriage and partnership:

Should you live together before marriage?
Is cohabitation wrong? Or a good idea? We ask 16 Canadians for their opinion.

Are you a good partner?
Find out whether you're naughty or nice with these 10 questions.

The anatomy of a great marriage
Discover the most important ingredients every strong relationship requires.

How to get good marriage counselling
Maybe it didn't work for Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillipe, but the right counsellor can help save your relationship.

Secrets to a successful marriage
How one couple worked through the bad times to fix their marriage and stay together.

Secrets of happily married men
Know what your man is thinking and keep those home fires burning.

Quiz: Is your marriage heading for a breakup?
The "for better" part is usually easy. But will you and your partner be able to weather the "for worse"?

10 things to talk about before you get married
The hot-button issues every couple should discuss before tying the knot.

10 secrets of a successful marriage
How to get more "for better" than "for worse".

8 ways to divorce-proof your marriage
Simple tips to keep your love for life.

10 things that can ruin strong marriages
Learn how to stop sabotaging your relationship.

Married boomers face their own perfect storm

Whether it's a teen leaving the house, or some other family problem, baby-boomers are feeling losses.

Are you and your partner compatible?
Love shouldn't be the sole reason for getting married or staying in a relationship.

Train your wife to be perfect, just like you!
A husband’s funny, practical tips for surviving marriage and convincing his wife to let him watch baseball. Part 2 of a 3-part series.

10 tips for relationship satisfaction
You'll both be happier with this expert advice.

Quiz: Would you be unfaithful?
Could you be swept off your feet by another man? Take our quiz to find out. PLUS, how to affair-proof your marriage.


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Relationships and love: all about marriage