Ryan Reynolds voted Canada's sexiest man

Ryan Reynolds voted Canada's sexiest man

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Ryan Reynolds voted Canada's sexiest man

The results are in and it's official: Ryan Reynolds is Canada's #1 hottie! He beat out Keanu Reeves and George Stroumboulopoulos to be voted Canada's Sexiest Man in Canadian Living's Intimacy Survey. Nearly one third of our readers put his chiseled features and carved torso head-and-shoulders above the competition.

What makes Reynolds, an ex-Vancouverite, most likely to make Canucks weak at the knees, muttering huminah-huminah? Here are the top 10 reasons for his mass appeal.

1. He's gorgeous.
Those piercing eyes! That sly grin! That 6'2" frame! Those abs and pecs! That full head of hair! Besides being nice on the eyes, Reynolds earns our respect for being one of the few male stars who can meet the sky-high expectation Hollywood places on its female leads: look flawless and act well, too.

2. He's down to earth.
His dry, distinctly Canadian brand of humour was evident in his response to being voted People magazine's 2010 Sexiest Man Alive: "The most difficult part is going to be organically working this title into a conversation with random strangers," he told People magazine, adding his family would be teasing him about the title for the rest of his life.

3. He's a nice guy.
He and ex-wife Scarlett Johansson are reported to have split amicably and there are no rumours of adultery. And in an era of celebs selling their wedding or baby photos to the highest media bidder, the couple's 2008 Vancouver Island wedding was tiny, private and 100 per cent free of photo leaks. Very classy.

4. The dude can act!
From early days on a forgettable teen TV series ("Stoned college kids kept it on the air for three years…people watched it because it was so bad," he told People magazine in an interview), to his breakthrough role as a frat-house waster in National Lampoon's Van Wilder, he displayed limited range.

But then Blade: Trinity came along and Reynolds worked overtime to turn his body into a muscular machine (taking martial arts classes and cutting his body fat down to 3 per cent in the process ), displaying a Robert De Niro- or Christian Bale-like willingness to embody a role.

He put in a creepy-yet-humourous turn as a man possessed by demons in Amityville Horror, an otherwise schlocky remake, and then did a complete 180-degree turn to become a clean-cut, charming romance-comedy lead in Definitely, Maybe. He's since continued with the rom-com and action, and puts in numerous TV cameos, too.

Upshot: Reynolds has range!

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5. He can make breakfast, too!
The Green Lantern star is proud of his ability to whip up "a mean omelette," he revealed to People magazine.

6. He runs charity races.
He ran the 2008 New York City Marathon as part of Team Fox (the Michael J Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Disease research). Running in honour of his dad, who has the disease, Reynolds completed the 26.2-mile race in a very respectable 3:50:22.

7. Did we mention those rock-solid pecs and abs?
They're worth thinking about again, right?

8. He's a guy's guy.
While he's sensitive – in 2001 he reportedly pulled out of a film to chase then-girlfriend Rachael Leigh Cook across the Atlantic to be with her while she filmed in Britain – Reynolds is not a delicate metrosexual.

The youngest brother in a family of four boys, he rides motorbikes long-distance, and tries stunts like jumping off bridges and skydiving. His favourite football team is the Green Bay Packers. (Apparently he doesn't like hockey, but we won't hold that against him.)

9. He has an endearing vulnerability.
He's been quoted as saying: "I feel like an overweight, pimply faced kid a lot of the time." We don't see the resemblance, but don't his eyes often have a vulnerable puppy dog aspect?

10. There's also the "what-if" factor.
We hear he may be single, and that's hot. Hey, a girl can dream, right?!

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Ryan Reynolds voted Canada's sexiest man