Things men want to tell women -- but don't

Things men want to tell women -- but don't

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Things men want to tell women -- but don't

We all know that while relationships can be incredibly fulfilling, they aren't always easy. They're hard work and require oodles of love, patience and, well, sometimes the ability to know when to keep your mouth shut! We wanted to know the things that men are dying to tell us gals, but don't! Here, they reveal the things that drive 'em nuts! Listen up, ladies!

Things men want to tell women:

1. Stop checking in so much
"I am fairly easy-going and not a lot bugs me. But one example of what bugs me and I don't say anything about is the constant need for a woman to stay in touch with us – several times throughout the day, for no reason other than to say 'hi'. Can it not wait until later? Ninety per cent of the time it's "Hey, how is your day, what's up for later, are you done yet?" It drives me crazy. If I say I am golfing on Sunday and should be home around 4 p.m., that means that if plans change, I will call. There's no need to try and reach me during my game to ask how the game is going. It would be much better if you weren't bugging me..." -- Adrian Needham, 37

2. Quit spending so much money
"My wife is very spend-happy. She loves to shop and I think it's excessive. But I no longer say anything because when I have in the past, it's always ended up in a big, blowout argument. Her need to spend and my need to save makes us butt heads all the time but when I think of the options, I'd just rather keep the peace instead of engaging in fight after fight. If shopping makes her happy, I can tolerate it – as long as it doesn't put us in the poorhouse!"  -- Mark Miller, 32

3. Sorry, but that dress just doesn't look good on you
"The obvious things one cannot tell one's partner is that they need to lose weight or that the clothes they have on look awful. Closely related to that is the desire that most men have that their partner look sexy. Try telling your wife or girlfriend to show a little more of her assets the next time you go out. You may get a slap or a dirty look at a minimum. If you happen to be married to a career woman you will also find it hard to give them advice about what to do at their place of employ. I do it anyway but it is with genuine trepidation!" -- Paul Jacobelli, 42

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4. Honey, I just don't like your cooking
"I don't tell my wife what I really think about her cooking. I find it tasteless and bland and night after night, we eat the same things, with very slight variations. But she puts a lot of effort into feeding our family and so I don't say anything about it. However, I've been known to surprise her with takeout or dinner at a restaurant on many, many occasions!" -- Howard Van Os, 36

5. You really don't need any more new clothes!
"Whenever my wife buys new clothes, I want to ask her where she intends to store these clothes. Her closet is overflowing as it is with outfits from the early '90s that she'll never wear again. I really think she should part ways with these clothes. If I can get by with four pairs of pants and five shirts, why can't she? And one more thing, why is she always borrowing my shirts?" -- Jeff Mackie, 30

6. I don't want to clean the house... or go shopping
"What don't I tell my wife? A lot of things! I don't tell her that I hate helping to clean the house. I don't tell her that I don't want to go shopping with her. I don't tell her that I'd rather watch the hockey game than go out to dinner with another couple. I don't tell her that the amount of time she spends talking on the phone drives me crazy! I find that this approach has worked very well for us – we're still happily married!" -- Robert Sherrett, 51

*Some names have been changed to protect the identities of the innocent.

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Things men want to tell women -- but don't