Things women want to tell men -- but don't

Things women want to tell men -- but don't

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Things women want to tell men -- but don't

For many of us, there are things we want to tell our significant others -- things we can't stand, things they do that drive us nuts, things that make us so crazy we could scream! But for better or for worse, sometimes it's just wiser to bite your tongue. What drives you most insane about your partner? Check out what some women confess to be their biggest pet peeves. (And don't forget to take a look at the male perspective in He said, she said.)

Things women want to tell men:

1. I'm not your mother!
"It drives me nuts when my boyfriend says that he cleans up after himself, when I clearly see he doesn't. I hate crumbs on the counter! While sorting through his wet, sweaty gym gear, I'd like to say, 'I'm not your mother, do this yourself!' In a really heated argument when he's really not getting my point and I'm on the verge of giving up I'd love to say, 'leave and go live with your parents!' Although I would rather him stay and work it out!" -- Danielle Johnson, 32

2. Learn how to wash a dish
"I bite my tongue when he offers to 'clean up' after dinner. His idea of cleaning up is filling the pots with soapy water to soak for a week and sticking all the leftovers on a plate, uncovered in the fridge. I (usually) don't say anything though because he is so pleased with himself for helping out and he does do a lot of things around the house that I don't want to do. On the plus side, the birth of our daughter has somehow enlightened him that he can unload the dishwasher too -- before if it was full and clean he would just stack the dirty dishes on the counter." -- Rachelle Lalonde, 34

3. Separate your socks
"My husband wears two layers of socks in the winter and fails to separate these socks when putting them into the laundry (rather, leaving them on the bedroom floor). Having to pull one sock out of the other while doing laundry drives me insane. Discovering a balled-up wet sock inside another sock when I'm getting things out of the dryer throws me completely over the edge. The unspoken? 'Take your damn socks off one at a time, for Pete's sake!!' It's a small thing, but something he'll never learn. Alas." -- Colleen Tully, 27

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4. Enough with the power tools
"Could you please take me to any restaurant that doesn't have the words 'burger,' 'king' or 'happy meal' in their advertising? Can you look away from your computer screen for even a second? Could you prove to me you're not velcroed to the couch and actually have the motor skills to take me to a movie? Something without Pamela Anderson in it? Why are you buying more power tools? The only tool that gets used in the garage is you and that doesn't even work right!" -- Leah Thom, age 28

5. Snap out of it!

"One of my favourite phrases comes from the movie Moonstruck, as Cher reaches a melting point with Nicolas Cage's moody yet passionate character and shouts out, 'Snap out of it!' In reflecting on past relationships, it doesn't matter who 'he' was, there were many occasions where 'he' may have bounced back from a melancholy moment through hearing those words at the top of my lungs. If anything, it may have shed some humour on the situation at hand." -- Karen Jones, 41

6. Yes, I charged that

"I'd love to be able to tell my husband how much money I spend. I spend more than he'd like, more than I'd like. We have a joint bank account and I always cover my part of the expenses, but we each also have our own money that we control and credit cards in our own names. We decided on that when we got married a few years ago and it works well for us. Except that my credit card balance has been creeping up and up since then. I'm not in any danger of having to declare bankruptcy, but I know my husband would be surprised that I let it get this out of hand (that I buy so many lattes and shoes that I owe more than $6,000 to MasterCard), and disappointed, too. I have nightmares that he'll find out somehow, even though I know he'd never open my mail. It feels kind of like I'm living a lie and it would be nice to get that off my chest, but I can't risk it." -- Tova Faith, 34

7. Yes, I gossip about you to my girlfriends
"What I really don't want to tell my husband, Niall, is how much we women dish details and complain (often about our men) when we're together. When I get together with my gal pals for dinner, everything spills out! And let me say, nothing (and I mean nothing!) is off-limits! I'm afraid he would never recover from the shock!" -- Helen Racanelli, 29

* Some names have been changed to protect the identities of the innocent.

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Things women want to tell men -- but don't