Top 10 gifts for him

Top 10 gifts for him

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Top 10 gifts for him

Need to avoid buying him sweaters and socks yet again? Or maybe you're just not sure what tool he needs for his workshop. Never fear, your quest is over. We've rounded up 10 must-have, fuss-free presents that are as fun to give as they are to get -- and there may just be some sharing involved. Surprise him with one of these gifts that he's sure to love.

1. Spa day
Finally, enjoy a comfortable silence together. Introduce your guy to good facials or massages; you can go together if he's shy. Many spas offer couple's treatment rooms where you get treatments together. For instance, at Quebec's Wakefield Mill Inn and Spa (seen here), side-by-side pedicures and a couple's massage are followed by a private soak in a luxury Jacuzzi.

2. Digital camera
A new digital camera is the top of many a wish list. The metal, ultracompact HP Photosmart R967 (see it here) includes 17 shooting modes and a snappy shutter speed and lets him select an e-mail destination right from the camera.

3. Funny book
Grégoire Bouillier's memoir The Mystery Guest (Farrar, Straus & Giroux, Incorporated, 2006) starts with the moment he receives a phone call in his Paris apartment from a former girlfriend -- who left him a decade ago -- inviting him to a party. Four slender sections -- phone call, preparation, party and aftermath -- brim with smart, funny prose. It's the perfect bedside book -- one he'll read, put down, and pick up again and again. Click here to see book cover.

4. Game console
Sometimes you should indulge his high-tech-gizmo habit: he might love an electronic game. Don't be intimidated; gaming stores have knowledgeable staff -- they know what's hot, what's not and what's multiplayer. For the PC, Dreamcatcher Interactive's 3 Great Games for Guys (seen here) packages three proven action-strategy hits together. Also, watch for Nintendo's new system, called the Wii ("we"), launching this season.

5. Stock exchange
Buying him a small stock is an investment that will definitely surprise him. Is there a company he admires? A product he can't get enough of? The value of stocks might just grow into the future, with a little well-worth-it research. Finally, a gift that may keep on giving!

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6. Sports tickets
Think of it as an investment in your relationship. Whether it's centre-ice seats or good tickets for the CFL, two tickets to his fave sporting event is a guaranteed treat, especially if you join him without a fuss!

7. Music
Few presents have the fun factor of new music. Canadian It band Sloan's latest release, Never Hear the End of It, delivers 30 well-produced Beatles-esque ditties. Not sure he'll enjoy it? Log on to for a gift card instead.

8. Diaper bag
A growing family means lots of baggage -- the diaper bag, that is. Not all diaper bags are geared for moms -- nowadays many are hip, unisex, or even downright masculine. Diaper Dude's leading the daddy chic movement with cool shapes and on-trend fabrics. Oh, and Brad Pitt has one!

9. Cologne
Thoughtful and practical, cologne hits just the right note. Aveda's Pure-Fume for Men boasts crowd-pleasing citrus and clove basenotes. Clean, warm and simple, it's the ideal all-purpose scent.

10. Custom shirt
Get him a bespoke shirt. Like a spa visit, this is something he probably wouldn't spoil himself with. For easy online orders, try No measurements? Send in his favourite shirt, and they'll copy it with whatever changes he (or you) prefers. And if the fit's not perfect, they'll fix it.

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Top 10 gifts for him