Valentine's Day for famous Canadians: Jann Arden, Michael Smith, Nancy Robertson and more

Valentine's Day for famous Canadians: Jann Arden, Michael Smith, Nancy Robertson and more

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Valentine's Day for famous Canadians: Jann Arden, Michael Smith, Nancy Robertson and more asked songstress Jann Arden, Corner Gas star Nancy Robertson, TV chef Michael Smith and other well-known Canadians about Valentine's Day, past and present.

"This Valentine's day I will be at a quaint little restaurant with candles, eating some kind of meat, drinking great wine and having the tips of my toes just barely being brushed underneath the table by another set of toes..."
-- Jann Arden (Look out for Jann's new album, Uncover Me, in stores on February 6, 2007.)

"My favourite Valentine's was a few years back when my dad and my stepmother invited my sister and me to a Valentine's dinner at their home. My sister went out and bought a sassy secondhand red pantsuit at Value Village to wear to get in the spirit of the day and when we arrived for dinner we found a beautifully decorated table with Valentine's cards for all of "Dad's gals." We ate an amazing meal prepared by Bobbi and soon after Dad found himself cutting a rug with three enthusiastic dance partners. We danced so hard that my sister split the pants of her snappy suit! (P.S. -- her underpants did not match …tacky!) This is my most special Valentine's Day, as we lost both my dad and Bobbi a few years later."
-- Nancy Robertson, who plays Wanda on hit show Corner Gas
"One of my favourite things to do for my valentine, Rachel, is surprise her with a full-blown seven-course restaurant-style meal served at home. I don't cook in a restaurant anymore so it's fun to pull out all the stops and wow her like the old days. We actually met in a restaurant kitchen and I remember trying to impress her with all kinds of kitchen creativity. It worked then and she loves it now, too! Especially when I finish with my famous caramel chocolate mousse!"
-- Chef Michael Smith, of the Food Network's Chef at Home

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"Between you and me, I think EVERY day should be Valentine's Day. Not necessarily because of the candy -- well, maybe a little -- but more so because of the sentiment the day brings. Unless Cupid decides to strike me with his trusty arrow sometime before February 14, my plans for that special occasion will include spending even more quality time with my cutie, Miss Louise. She's my loveable, furry, four-legged best friend and since Valentine's Day is all about love and spending time with those you adore, my pooch is a perfect date!"
-- Tanya Kim, co-host of CTV's E-Talk Daily
"My favourite Valentine's Day happened awhile back, when I was touring heavily with the album Mad, Mad World. It was Valentine's Day and I was on the road yet again. I checked myself into the hotel I would be staying at that night and proceeded to unpack my suitcase when I found a Valentine's Day card from my wife stuffed into my suitcase. As I opened the card a photo slipped out of it of my wife in a bustier in bed with a giant cardboard cutout of me playing my guitar, with a huge grin on her face. I laughed so hard. It was very cute."
-- Tom Cochrane
"I've always kind of looked at Valentine's Day from the outside looking in. For many years I chose not to have anyone in particular to celebrate Valentine's Day with, but now, I have started to write a pretty album -- which coincidentally is bringing out the sensitive side in me -- and I've developed a conscience and am even trying my hand at a relationship. I think what's going to happen this Valentine's Day is I'm going to take this special lady to my place a couple hours north of Toronto and cook dinner for her, and because I am such a fantastic cook and such great company she is going to have a great time!"
-- Kim Mitchell
"Since I don't have a partner right now I'd like to make Valentine's Day a day where I focus on pampering myself by treating myself to a really nice bath and buy myself chocolates and make myself feel really good. I just want to focus on being good to me."
-- Serena Ryder

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Valentine's Day for famous Canadians: Jann Arden, Michael Smith, Nancy Robertson and more