10 Picturesque Winter Wonderland Travel Destinations

10 Picturesque Winter Wonderland Travel Destinations

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10 Picturesque Winter Wonderland Travel Destinations

Despite the cold, we have to admit that winter is a magical time.

If you're a fan of long walks in the snow, cozying up near a fireplace and putting on your best cashmere sweater, these chilly travel destinations are for you.

From Whistler to the snowy streets of Copenhagen to the peaks of the Alps, here are the world's most beautiful winter wonderlands.

Whistler, Canada


As many Canadian know, Whistler is a prime ski destination. Surrounded by mountains and pedestrian-friendly ski villages, it's an idyllic destination for both a sporty and leisurely getaway.

Quebec City, Canada


The old city of Quebec looks like a magical winter town, with all its lights and quaint little cobblestone streets. 

Gstaad, Switzerland


Glittering Gstaad is as old-world and glamorous as it gets. From Monegasque royalty to iconic fashion designer Valentino Garavani, Gstaad attracts everyone with its picturesque views



Mysterious and icy, Greenland is a destination for the outdoorsy types. With its fjords and unbelievably scenery, it's sure to take your breath away.

Dolomites, Italy


Dolomites is the chiller, cozier cousin of the Alps. Surrounded by mountain ranges, it offers some of Italy's most beautiful winter views.

Copenhagen, Denmark


The capital of the Danish concept of hygge, Copenhagen is as cozy as it gets. With its colourful architecture and pedestrian streets, it's the perfect destination for relaxing.

Salzburg, Austria


The hometown of Mozart is divided by the Salzach River and is as magical as it gets. You can explore the old city entirely by foot.

Park City, United States


Park City is one of North America's most famous ski destinations and is also home to the Sundance Film Festival. You're sure to find something to do!

Courchevel, France


Courchevel is the peak of glamour in the French Alps for a reason! Its iconic Les Airelles Courchevel was built to resemble an Austro-Hungarian castle—just one of the things that makes this destination so chic.

Bavaria, Germany


You've probably seen the famous a picture of Castle Neuschwanstein, one of Bavaria's most famous landmarks. The view is even more picturesque when covered in snow!





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10 Picturesque Winter Wonderland Travel Destinations