25 ways to stay on budget the next time you travel

25 ways to stay on budget the next time you travel

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25 ways to stay on budget the next time you travel

Travelling away from home can be an expensive endeavour – even if you're just going a few towns over.

Too often, folks who haven't adequately planned their time away come home to sky-high cell phone bills and bank fees on their statements. In this collection of articles, intrepid traveller (and Canadian Living executive editor) Doug O'Neill shares his best money-saving travel tips to help you avoid going over on your vacation budget. You'll learn where to score free Wi-Fi, avoid bank fees, find a 4-star meal at a bargain price, and keep the kids busy on a dime.

3 ways to save on ATMs, Internet and phone calls when you travel
Miscellaneous expenses like bank fees and communication costs can really add up whe you're on the road. Here are 3 clever tips to help you save on ATMs, Internet and phone calls.

Get a credit card that allows you to use out-of-country ATMs without extra fees. Costs for out-of-country or overseas transactions using your credit and debit cards can vary. There can be a flat transaction fee each time you visit an ATM, plus a potential percentage for currency conversion, and the machine itself could charge you. Some major credit card companies levy a fee on international transactions – and the issuing bank may add on additional currency conversation or foreign transaction fees that, even if they're only one per cent, still take a bite out of your travel budget.

4 easy ways to save on hotels
Get a great room at a great price with these 4 quick tips for saving at hotels.

Ask for free hotel room upgrades. People ask for free upgrades from economy to business class while flying, so why not do the same at your hotel? Be polite, and be friendly. Ask at the front desk when you arrive. Some veteran travelers say you have better chances of a free upgrade to an executive suite if you arrive late in the day – on the chance that the lower-cost rooms get overbooked first. Two friends of mine have met with success by sweetly explaining it's a special occasion. It can't hurt to try. You also have better chances of success if you book directly. A hotel needs to make money from you. If you've booked through a third-party site that takes a percentage, then the hotel already is making less profit on your stay.

5 ways to save on food when you're travelling
Eating all your meals at restaurants can really add up when you're on the road. Here are some fun and easy alternatives to help you save on food.

Sign up for cheap eats and daily deals online. Sites such as Group On ( have daily deals (sent via email alerts) on best deals of the day – customized for the city you're visiting.

How to do it: Register on and check your city of choice. Another similar site is Living Social (, which includes spas, shopping deals, theatre tickets and more.

6 ways to save on entertainment and recreation when you're travelling
You'll love these 6 easy tips for having fun and seeing the sights for less.

Pick up freebie and discount coupons at the local tourist office. In addition to free information and maps, most tourist offices have stacks of free and discount coupons for local venues and attractions. Many restaurants and attractions have two-for-one deals or special offers. Your local tourist office will have all the goods.

7 ways to save on transportation, parking and insurance when you travel
There are plenty of online resources to help you cut costs when you travel. Here are some of the best, plus handy tips to help you save cash on transportation, parking and insurance.

Shop online. is definitely a site worth visiting when you're in the planning stages of a trip, but it's also useful once you've arrived at your destination. Along with cheap flights and hotels, you can also get deals on airport parking, ground transportation, city tours, theme parks and more.

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25 ways to stay on budget the next time you travel