Car smart quiz

Car smart quiz

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Car smart quiz

Discuss gas prices -- and what you think we should do about them -- with other readers in our online forums!

How much car smarts do you really have? Grab a pencil and equip yourself with some basic auto-savvy!

True or false?
1. Americans are more energy efficient than Canadians.

2. Gas and oil are renewable fuels.

3. Global oil production peaked in 2005 and is now falling.

4. Canadian households spent an average of $2,500 for car fuel in 2005.

5. The annual fuel cost for the Prius, a hybrid car from Toyota, was $564 in 2005.

6. Diesel fuel for the Volkswagen Jetta station wagon cost a total of $795 in 2005.

7. Diesel fuel releases more climate-damaging carbon than gasoline.

8. Car gas emissions trap radiation in the earth's atmosphere, contributing to global warming.

9. You have to plug in a hybrid car to recharge its battery.

10. A hybrid car uses both gasoline and electricity for power.

11. Since hybrid cars were introduced in the 1990s, overall carbon emissions from cars have fallen.

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Discuss gas prices -- and what you think we should do about them -- with other readers in our online forums!

Answers to quiz
1. True: Canadians use one-third more energy than Americans do when vehicles, home-heating and manufacturing are considered together.

2. False: Gasoline and oil are derived from crude oil, a nonrenewable resource.

3. True: Many experts say global supply peaked in 2005. Global reserves are shrinking, but experts don't agree when shortages will be felt.

4. True: In 2003 Canadian households spent an average of $2,000 for car fuel. Since then, fuel costs have risen 25 per cent.

5. True: By running on electricity part of the time, hybrids need less gasoline. Annual fuel costs for conventional midsize cars, using regular gasoline, were between $1,075 and $1,615.

6. True: Diesel is 18 to 20 per cent more efficient than gasoline so you use less of it.

7. False: Diesel produces 20 per cent less of the C02 emissions that cause global warming.

8. True: Transportation contributes about
30 per cent of total greenhouse gas from human activity.

9. False: A hybrid car recharges itself. Pure electric (battery-run) cars need to be plugged in, but these are not widely available.

10. True: It uses a battery, electric motors and
a gasoline engine.

11. False: Carbon emissions in the United States went up 25 per cent (1990 through 2003) because more pickup trucks and SUVs were sold. These vehicles have looser emission controls and in 2003 produced 38 per cent more carbon than newer models.

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Car smart quiz