Family vacations: Tips for a stress-free trip

Family vacations: Tips for a stress-free trip

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Family vacations: Tips for a stress-free trip

Does a fun family vacation seem like a modern-day myth? Planning a getaway with the kids doesn't have to end in tears or tantrums. Here's how.

Start by including kids and teens in the planning stage. Ask for destination suggestions and once you find the right place, ask what kind of activities they would like to try. See if you can fit a couple of their can't-miss plans to your schedule. Not only are your kids guaranteed to have a blast doing the things they love, you may even learn that you like their hobbies – which can really make for a happy, Hollywood ending.

For more great advice, check out our family vacation tips below. From what to pack, and where to go, we have four articles full of helpful expert advice for a worry-free family vacation.

Photo gallery: How to plan a vacation with the family without going crazy

Travelling with children provides an extra challenge to trip planning. Read on for tips on how to travel with your kids successfully.

Until you're a parent, you cannot possibly appreciate how much is involved in getting every member of the family ready to get out the door each morning, let alone for a family vacation. Family vacations take a lot of planning and preparation. I know this from experience. I also know that it's worth it, because family vacations can provide some of the best memories of your life. Following are tips and advice to help you make your next family vacation memorable, more stress free, and above all, fun.

Know what 22 items you need in your travel first-aid kit

Learn how to build the ultimate travel first-aid kit and you'll be prepared for anything.

Whether you're driving a couple of hours out of town for a weekend stay at an indoor water park or jetting south to a resort, it's important to be prepared and take a first-aid kit with you.

Here's what experts at Canadian Red Cross, and the International Travel Health and Vaccination Clinic in B.C. say you should include.

Happy hoteling!

Help your family get the most fun from a hotel stay.

I have always loved to stay in hotels! From the rooms to the pool, I love the entire experience. I believe this stems from many happy and fun memories of hotels with my family. I have played games, spent hours and hours swimming, watched cable TV (before it was the norm) and laughed a lot!

And even though the idea of staying in a hotel is exciting, children are children and eventually you may hear the words "I'm bored..." Parents need to be prepared when this comment comes.

5 family-friendly vacation spots

Memorable locations that offer something for everyone.

When planning a family vacation, aim for memorable locations that bring home not just a pleasurable experience but one that is emotionally, mentally and spiritually enriching too. Here are five great spots to enjoy with your family.

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Family vacations: Tips for a stress-free trip