Instagrammer Herry Himanshu puts Regina on the map

Instagrammer Herry Himanshu puts Regina on the map

Herry Himanshu Author: Andrea Karr


Instagrammer Herry Himanshu puts Regina on the map

The talented photog dishes on the beautiful city of Regina, Sask.—his beloved current home.

Slightly surreal photos? Check. Tongue-in-cheek captions? Check. Smoke grenades? Yep, 22-year-old photographer Herry Himanshu ( has those, too. And it's that unserious approach that makes his photos of tiny Regina (population: 241,422) so captivating. 

He's been documenting YQR since he moved there for school 2 1/2 years ago; he very quickly realized the city is an underrated gem full of modern and heritage architecture that's worth a second glance. Herry finds something new to photograph on almost every outing, creating images of buildings, city parks and vibrant night skies with an almost dreamlike quality—helped in part by props such as smoke grenades and light sabres, which provide an edgy contrast to the stillness of Saskatchewan's quiet capital city and the surrounding Prairies. 

Before he sets out, he looks up street views on Google Maps to get intel on new locations. Then, most importantly, he checks the weather. "For nighttime shooting, you want to make sure you have clear skies," he says, a big concern for his type of work, as stars and the northern lights often make an appearance in his pictures. Sure, size matters—but, in this case, smaller is better because in Regina, wide-open skies (sans the glow of light pollution) are just a quick drive away.

Herry's fast four:

1. Restaurant: Coney Island Poutine Cafe

"If you love poutine—who doesn't?—you should absolutely try it here."

2. Architecture: Conexus Plaza
"This building doesn't get a lot of attention, so I can always find an empty spot. You can get really cool shots looking up."

3. Park: Wascana Centre
"In summer, you can kayak, take a ferry or bike around the park. In winter, you can skate and cross-country ski."

4. Trails: Wascana Valley Trails
"The trails are about 20 minutes outside the city. They're beautiful, especially in the fall, and they're also a good spot for shooting night skies."

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Instagrammer Herry Himanshu puts Regina on the map