Our Canada: Agassiz, B.C.

Our Canada: Agassiz, B.C.

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Our Canada: Agassiz, B.C.

A scenic city
I feel honoured and blessed to be living on the West Coast of British Columbia. The scenery and wildlife are spectacular. I enjoy the many lakes and rivers nestled amongst the tallest mountains in Canada. I spend a lot of time there, fishing and just taking in the scenery with my family. The ocean is also nearby, which offers fantastic opportunities for fishing, prawning, and crabbing. The whales, seals, and smell of the fresh ocean air are things I wish everyone could experience.

Our weather is mild enough that some can take to the ski hills while others are enjoying a run along the seawall in the sunshine. One step into the woods and you have a great opportunity to see so much wildlife. Living in my area of British Columbia is clean living at its finest. My family spends a lot of time outdoors, taking in all that this great area has to offer. Whether you want to enjoy a cup of coffee overlooking Harrison Lake, or take in an outdoor show in Chilliwack during the summer months, or head up to Manning Park for skiing, snowboarding, or tubing, the world is your oyster on the West Coast!

Eclectic activities
People from all over the world come and visit our spectacular Harrison Hot Springs which are only minutes from my home. I love how Harrison Lake is surrounded by mountains, and the hotel has a natural hot spring to enjoy. There is a wonderfully eclectic mix of restaurants along the boardwalk, as well as jazz festivals, children's festivals, and dragon boat racing. The smell of hibachi cooking fills the air during the summer months along the beach.

In September, our small town of Agassiz hosts a true fall fair. Nestled around the mountains, the community event boasts an old fashion barbeque chicken roast with our famous Agassiz corn! The hall is bursting with homemade desserts, baking, and canning to be judged for prize money. Crafts and photography line the inside of the hall for onlookers to enjoy. Farmers bring in their eggs, produce, and fruit to be judged for perfection, or craziness. We always have a largest pumpkin award and families display their best scarecrows for judging. The day is filled with 4-H competitions, lawn mower races, and herding sheep trials. There is a fun fairway filled with rides, games, and of course the little cinnamon doughnuts we all crave. Locals bring their handmade items to sell, and each year a new “Corn King” is selected for growing the very best corn of the season. This fair is rich in history and my family has been going for almost twenty years.

Places to eat
In my surrounding area, there are a few little restaurants that I really enjoy visiting when I get the time. One of these places is called The Yellow Deli, situated in downtown Chilliwack. It has such an amazing atmosphere. When you walk in, you are greeted with the kindest of salutations. There is a wood-burning fireplace crackling, that's enhanced by the low lighting created from upside-down apple baskets. Everything is made from old barn wood, tanned leather, and large tree burls. Their menu is simple, but everything is made on site, including the organic breads. What also makes this a wonderful meeting place is that they are open twenty four hours a day to serve the community.

Fiesta Loco is a quaint little Mexican restaurant located in Chilliwack. They make their own Mexican cheese, and everything is always very fresh and made on the premises. When I visit this place, I feel like I am visiting Mexico.

Bravo is a great dining experience with a huge martini menu to tantalize your taste buds, and higher end cuisine. It's located in the downtown district of Chilliwack and is a welcoming surprise of calm, candlelit ambience. A wonderful place to go on a first date or a long-needed break from the kids!

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Our Canada: Agassiz, B.C.