Photog Mike Peters gives Winnipeg a whole new look

Photog Mike Peters gives Winnipeg a whole new look

Mike Peters, @93mp Author: Andrea Karr


Photog Mike Peters gives Winnipeg a whole new look

There's no place like Winnipeg, and photographer Mike Peters captures the city's heart like no one else can.

The sky's reflection on a downtown building, tracks on a snowy street after dark—for Mike Peters (@93mp), a 22-year-old photographer, his hometown offers constant inspiration. When he first became interested in photography two years ago, he turned his lens to the streets of the Peg, where he wandered around looking for something to catch his eye. He's drawn to the places where urban life and the natural world intersect, so his Instagram feed is an object lesson in finding a quiet moment on even the most busy city street. 

Unlike many Winnipeg artists who started their careers pre–social media (such as Wanda Koop, Sarah Anne Johnson and Diana Thorneycroft), the rise of Instagram means his generation has an easily accessible platform for promotion—now a common use for the photo-sharing app.

Over the past couple of years, Mike has gained thousands of followers and plenty of recognition, partially because "people love to see Winnipeg in a way they've never seen before," he says. But getting likes isn't his only goal. "I don't take photos hoping someone will like them. I just take something that's personal to me and tells a story." In other words, Insta-fame and artistic integrity aren't mutually exclusive.

Mike's fast four:

1. Coffee shop: Thom Bargen Coffee & Tea

"I discovered Thom Bargen by word of mouth—people say they make the best coffee in the city. The staff are also such nice, humble people."

2. Restaurant: The Mitchell Block
"The atmosphere is very relaxed and the interior is beautiful. I like having shareable plates, like the crispy fried brussels sprouts or a cheese plate, in the lounge."

3. Shop: Hut K
"It's the place to go for high-quality furniture and accessories such as bar stools, creative lighting fixtures and specialty planters."

4. Park: Assiniboine Park
"I love the size of the park, considering it's in the middle of a city. It's perfect for lounging around or playing Frisbee, soccer or football."

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Photog Mike Peters gives Winnipeg a whole new look