The best websites to book a homey getaway

The best websites to book a cottage getaway



The best websites to book a homey getaway

From Glamping Hub to AirBNB there are plenty of ways to get out of town for rest and relaxation.

Last year, in the days between Christmas and New Year's, I made sure to get out of town. Not quite a vacation, this 3-night trip was the perfect antidote to jam-packed schedules and digital over-stimulation. There were no fancy dinners out or new and exciting activities. Instead, it was all about fire pits, board games and the comfiest clothes I owned worn on repeat. It was perfect. Which is why I highly recommend ditching over-the-top hotels and looked-better-in-the-picture-motels for homes and short-term rentals. You get the flexibility of being in a space that allows you to cook and relax with all the amenities close by—with the added knowledge of being able to keep to yourself and without the pressure of needing to make every minute count.

Here, some of my favourite places to book a homey winter getaway.


Glamping Hub

My own winter getaway was courtesy of Glamping Hub, a website I've used a few times to book off-the-beaten-path weekend trips. It's a great option if you're into options like yurts, treehouses and fancy tents to connect with the outdoors. This time, since I was travelling with three other couples, we opted for a more familiar cottage setting. The space, just outside of Kingston, slept all eight of us comfortably, included a gas fireplace inside and a big firepit outside, a full kitchen (perfect for some hearty home-booked meals), an indoor hammock and a television (though I have to say we didn't really use it). Oh, and an outdoor hot tub, which I found myself in every day. Needless to say our days were full of winter walks, hot tub dips and lots of eating and playing games indoors. Not your speed? The best thing about Glamping Hub is the variety. So whether you want rustic or luxurious, there's something for you.



This is probably the gateway travel accommodation service. It was probably your first, or at the very least, it's your most-used if you happen to book your trips this way. The great thing about Airbnb is the global reach—I've booked places to stay as close as Prince Edward County and as far away as Edinburgh (and have had friends book places in Mauritius, Sydney and Cape Town). It's an easy service to use and makes communication with your host easy.


Cottages in Canada

Specifically geared towards Canadian cottages, find spectacular options in Mont-Tremblant, South Shore, Kootenay and more on Cottages in Canada. This site breaks down pricing for stays that are longer than a night—think weekend rates, week rates and sometimes even monthly rates. Perfect if you're looking for a summer home or plan on staying longer.


Canada Stays

This site has been around for over a decade and boasts over 250,000 properties that you can choose from to book your next getaway. Expect to find personal homes alongside resort options with Canada Stays for a wide variety of vacation rental options. 


Vacation Rentals

Part of the Home Away site, Vacation Rentals was an option I used when looking for a place to stay close to Glencoe when my husband and I went to Scotland last year. It was a last-minute booking and we didn't have any luck with other, more well-known, options (that were still within our price range). Luckily, we found the cutest spot, hidden away from the world, and our only issue was that we only booked one night there instead of more.



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The best websites to book a homey getaway