Top 10 mobile apps for camping enthusiasts

Top 10 mobile apps for camping enthusiasts

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Top 10 mobile apps for camping enthusiasts

Are you tired of packing lots of gear for any camping adventure? Why not replace some of your equipment with camping apps for your smart phone? Here's a roundup of the best outdoor apps for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry devices. Whether you're looking for fun or for help in a life-saving situation, you'll have the tools you need at your fingertips throughout your trip.

1. Flashlight
Don't have a flashlight? Download this app and you'll always have one on hand. The phone face lights up and voila! You have a flashlight.

Flashlight for iPhone
Free Light for Android
Flashlight 2 for 1 FREE for BlackBerry

2. Global Positioning System (GPS)
Instead of carrying around an extra device, use this app to turn your phone into a complete GPS.

Location Tracking GPS for iOS for iPhone and iPad
GPS Essentials for Android
GPS Tool for BlackBerry

3. Campground locator
When your day is coming to an end, use this app to find a campground in your area.

Passport America for iPhone
Passport America for Android
Passport America for Blackberry

4. Constellation identifier
If you're wondering which celestial bodies you're looking at, use this app by looking at the sky through your mobile phone. Watch as the objects are identified.

SkyView Free for iPhone
PlanetariaX Pro – Lite for Android
StarTracker Lite for BlackBerry

5. Camp games
Be it on the trip to your destination, once you've arrived, or when you're sitting by the fire, your little ones will want to play a game. Use this app to learn new outdoor games.

iPhone: n/a
Campfire Games for Android
BEIKS Glossary of 321 Camping Games for BlackBerry:

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6. Geocaching (your own real life treasure hunt)
Instead of buying a fancy new device, use this app to find caches (a.k.a. treasures) wherever you are allowing you to participate in this hot trend.

Geocaching Intro for iPhone
c:geo, geocaching for Android
Geocacher for BlackBerry

7. Compass
You can easily find your way with a great compass app. This app works like a real compass and will point you in the right direction.

HD Compass for iPhone
Smart Compass for Android
Compass for BlackBerry

8. Knot guide

Whether you're hanging a laundry line, tying a tarp to a tree or mooring a boat on the dock, don't get caught not knowing how to tie the right knot again. Use this app to see various photo directions to tie the perfect knot.

Knot Guide (Free Knots) for iPhone
Knots Guide for Android
What Knot for BlackBerry

9. First aid
Instead of carrying a pocket-sized first-aid book, use this app to find answers to your first-aid questions.

First Aid (Refresher) for iPhone
Emergency First Aid/Treatment Guide for Android
First Aid for Blackberry

10. Animal tracker identifier
Use this app to easily identify the animal that left its track.

MyNature Animal Tracks for iPhone
MyNature Animal Tracks for Android
Animal Track for Blackberry

Download these mobile phone apps before you set off for your outdoor adventure and you'll be travelling lighter than ever for your next camping getaway.

For more expert tips and advice, easy-to-make recipes and fun activities, check out our guide to camping in Canada.


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Top 10 mobile apps for camping enthusiasts