Travel idea: 7 reasons to visit St. Kitts

Travel idea: 7 reasons to visit St. Kitts

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Travel idea: 7 reasons to visit St. Kitts

Looking for a little fun in the sun that's far from the madness of popular beach resorts? Head to St. Kitts, a quiet island paradise in the Eastern Caribbean that boasts spectacular mountain and ocean views, and average year-round temperatures of 25 to 31C.

If the weather isn't enough incentive to check out this island nation, read on for seven more reasons to visit St. Kitts.

1. Brimstone Hill
A breathtaking view of St. Kitts and neighbouring islands St. Bart's, St. Eustatius and Saba awaits you at Brimstone Hill Fortress National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The fort is poised atop a hill that's 800 feet above sea level. Formerly a British and French-ruled fort, it now houses historical exhibits showing soldier's living quarters, muskets and more. Brimstone Hill was built in the 17th and 18th century, taking about 100 years to complete.

2. Caribelle Batik factory at Romney Manor
Established in the 17th century, Romney Manor was once owned by ancestors of Thomas Jefferson, the third president of the United States. Today, it houses Caribelle Batik, a colourful fabric factory and boutique where you can find one-of-a-kind clothing, wall hangings and pillow casings.

Stop in for a demonstration as local artisans mark up fabric with beeswax, soak it in dye and then remove it from the dye and immerse it in boiling water to melt off the wax, revealing wax-protected images underneath. They repeat this process to add different colours to their designs and the result is beautifully vibrant fabrics that make for unique souvenirs. Schedule time to stroll through the surrounding grounds including the botanical gardens, surrounded by lush rain forest.

3. A view of the setting sun from a catamaran
There are few things as peaceful as taking to the water for a sunset sail and a tour aboard a catamaran with Blue Water Safaris is a truly special experience.

Enjoy a drink onboard and chat with fellow passengers as you set sail into the Caribbean Sea. With some uppity reggae music filing the air with a happy vibe, sway along with the calypso beat. Don't forget to poise yourself in a strategic spot to take in the gorgeous view of the sun as it dips below the horizon. It's moments like these that make for lasting travel memories.

4. The rainforest and Mt. Liamuiga
A fun ATV tour or hike through the rainforest to Lambert's Estate offers great photo opportunities so make sure your camera battery is fully charged before heading out. The former sugar plantation is located 3 km south of the crater of the dormant volcano Mt. Liamuiga, St. Kitts's highest peak at 3,792 feet. 

While you're exploring the remains of Lambert's Estate, you can gaze out onto green fields that lead to the ocean ahead of you or turn to face the misty cloud-covered mountaintop of Mt. Liamuiga (formerly named Mount Misery). Its ominous and impressive presence provokes awe and wonder.

When you get back onto the tree-canopied trails in the rainforest, look up to treetops and you just might spot some green vervet monkeys swinging from branches.

Page 1 of 25. North Frigate Bay beach
You can't come to a Caribbean destination without soaking up some sun on a beach, right? Head to North Frigate Bay, a golden-sand beach on St. Kitts's southeast peninsula, where you can swim out into the Atlantic Ocean and catch a wave on a surfboard.

If you're staying at the St. Kitts Marriott Resort or the Sugar Bay Club, you only have to head outside your room and take a few steps before you can sink your feet into the soft sands of Frigate Bay North beach. Play a friendly game of volleyball, read a gripping best-seller as you sun yourself or accept a local vendor's invitation to get a relaxing massage as you lie in a lounger and unwind.

6. Royal St. Kitts Golf Club
When you're ready for tee time, head over to the expansive Royal St. Kitts Golf Club. The 18-hole, 71-par champion "links"-style course features holes that overlook the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. It's a must-see for the avid golfer and beginners, too.

The course showcases St. Kitts's natural terrain and, between swings, you just might be able to spot some local wildlife such as lizards, green tail monkeys and egrets. When you work up an appetite, head over to The Clubhouse Grille (reservations required) for delicious burgers and beer.

7. Basseterre
Basseterre, which translates to "low land" in French, is St. Kitts's bustling city centre. It just may be the best place on the island to shop for souvenirs, drink a Carib beer on a rooftop patio, people-watch and contemplate the island's history.

A short walk in the city offers glimpses into St. Kitts's past. Just north of George Street you'll find Independence Square, a lovely city park that was named to mark St. Kitts and Nevis's independence from Great Britain in 1983. It's also a historical landmark. Once called Pall Mall Square, Independence Square is a site where slaves were once auctioned. Today, it's a meeting place where families can enjoy parades and celebrations. Basseterrre is the capital of St. Kitts, the place where cruise ships dock and a must-see for a real look at life on the island today.

There are plenty of fun activities and neat places to explore on St. Kitts so the next time you're planning a sunny getaway, don't overlook this serene and spectacular island nation.

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Travel idea: 7 reasons to visit St. Kitts