Travel idea: Hiking the West Coast Trail

Travel idea: Hiking the West Coast Trail

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Travel idea: Hiking the West Coast Trail

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Hiking the West Coast Trail was something I had always wanted to do. My hiking companion and son, Russ, and I love the outdoors, the beauty of British Columbia and the opportunity to spend time together. We started our hiking trips two years ago, and they have become an annual tradition.

How to prepare
I prepared for the 75-kilometre-long West Coast Trail by doing sit-ups and pushups, bike riding and taking long walks to break in my boots. Between us, Russ and I carried eight days' worth of food, clothing and bedding, as well as a tent. We started our trek at the Gordon River Trailhead, near Port Renfrew on the southwest coast of Vancouver Island, and ended at the Pachena Trailhead, near Bamfield. This is the most rugged and demanding part of the whole trail. From the first slippery step, we were faced with a series of steep inclines and declines and mucky trails. Some of the ladders were washed out so we clung to roots to ascend and descend steep pitches.

On Day 2 we had to read the tide charts carefully to determine our path.  It was a difficult route over slippery boulders, then inland bog slogging, but the rainforest was beautiful. That afternoon my son suggested we "kick ass" and challenge ourselves to push harder. He relentlessly pushed me on, praising me for my efforts. 

Marching on
We walked over expanses of rock along the shoreline. One day we saw a baby seal basking on the shore, flocks of pelicans afloat on the ocean and thousands of seagulls on the sandy beach. Another day we were so thankful to pay $12 for a hamburger at a shore-side "restaurant" but alas, there was no bathroom. (All campsites stationed along the trail do have access to fresh water and toilets.) 

By Day 4 we were getting up at 5 a.m., in the moonlight. It was mystical, quiet and foggy – a new kind of serene beauty apart from cliffs, drop-offs, crags and rainforest. At 5 p.m. Russ wanted to walk on another two hours. We struck a deal. He would beg for Tylenol from the other campers, and as long as I couldn't feel my feet, I'd march on. It was worth it. We were guests in Mother Nature's wilderness, appreciative of and awed by the splendour and magnificence of every vista and challenge.

If you go 
For information on the West Coast Trail and hiking in B.C., visit and

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by Kim Fisher and Elizabeth Baird

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Travel idea: Hiking the West Coast Trail