William and Kate visit Canada

William and Kate visit Canada

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William and Kate visit Canada

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William and Kate Middleton, arrive in Ottawa on Jun. 30 to begin their first Royal visit as a married couple.

They have a busy schedule, exploring six Canadian cities in just nine days, but we've gathered suggestions of things to do if the newlyweds get some leisure time. We hear they have a whole day to themselves in Calgary. That's plenty of time to get crafty or cook up an authentic Canadian meal with the help of Canadian Living's Tested Till Perfect recipes, right?

Where in the world (er..., in Canada) are William and Kate?

Jun. 30 and Jul. 1 - Ottawa
Jul. 2 - Montreal
Jul. 3 - Quebec City
Jul. 4 - Charlottetown and Summerside, P.E.I.
Jul. 5 - Yellowknife
Jul. 6 - 8 - Calgary

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Get the guidelines to follow if you should ever serve a meal to the Royal couple (it could happen, right?) And find out which three Canadian castles Canadian Living's executive editor Doug O'Neill recommends, if they need a place to lay their weary crown- and tiara-wearing heads.

Where (and how) to toast the Royal couple
Brush up on your etiquette just in case you cross paths with British royalty (because you never know) and check out some of the best places to share a pint if you happen to be in one of the cities on William and Kate's itinerary.

Tea time with Prince William and Kate Middleton
Raise a cuppa to the Royal couple's health with the good old British custom of afternoon tea. Check out 12 fine establishments across Canada that serve up a fine afternoon tea.

Canadian holiday tips for Will and Kate
Canadian Living's executive editor Doug O'Neill offers the couple his best recommendations on what to do, see and eat during their Royal Tour visit to Canada.

Canadian cuisine: What to eat when in...
Beaver Tails
Fear not, Kate. No beavers were harmed in the making of this sweet treat. A Beaver Tail is a flat (like a beaver's tail) doughnut that got its start in Ottawa in 1978.


Montreal-inspired bistro menu
Slow cooker lamb shanks, mashed potatoes, green beans and a French lemon tart make this a fabulous bistro menu, en français.

The Monteregie cider route: Sample Quebec's world class cider
Less than an hour outside Montreal lies the world-class Monteregie Cider Route. Discover what this delicious area has to offer.

Quebec City
French-flavour menu for 4
Celebrate Quebec City with this classic menu of French flavours.

Champion chowders
Savour the winning recipes from the International Shellfish Festival in Charlottetown.

Caribou TV Dinner recipe
Send your chef this recipe, William and Kate, while you're out exploring the Northwest Territories. By the time you get back to your lodgings, you'll have a yummy casual dinner waiting for you.

Galloping gourmets: Hearty breakfasts
Our menu brings home a taste of the hearty pancake breakfasts served at the Calgary Stampede.

Canadian crafts: Homemade souvenirs to bring back to friends at home
Kids' craft: Make a Canada Day beaver hat
This cute Canada Day beaver hat is a cute souvenir for kids.

Kids' craft: 8 Canada Day crafts
Choose from an assortment of fun Canadian crafts.

Family craft: Canada Day bird
Create a bevy of beautiful birds.

Sewing: Quilt Canada
An easy-to-stitch quilt that showcases Canada's colours. OK, fine, Kate and William just might not have time to get started on this.

Photo gallery: Kids' craft – Make red and white pinwheels
Take a spin in the summer wind with a fun, easy-to-make pinwheel.

Knitting pattern: How to knit an English bulldog
Check out this free knitting pattern for an English bulldog from the book, Knit Your Own Dog (Thomas Allen & Son, 2011). This pup will be a great addition to your family, and he doesn't need to be walked!

Knit an aromatherapy tea cosy
This charming cosy includes hidden interior pockets for scented sachets.

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William and Kate visit Canada