7 fun bachelorette party ideas

7 fun bachelorette party ideas

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7 fun bachelorette party ideas

When planning a bachelorette party, the key focus should be fun. And whether the party is a surprise for the bride-to-be or you're consulting with her along the way, you want to make sure that her best interests are always met.

We spoke with wedding planner Barb Derbyshire from A Moment Like This and asked her about the latest and most popular trends to keep in mind when planning a memorable bachelorette party. She suggests that while it's important to have everyone's interests in mind, "making sure the bride is happy is the key component of the planning process."

Here are seven ideas to help you plan a fantastic and memorable bachelorette party that everyone will enjoy.

1. A wine tasting tour
If the bride is an oenophile and has an appreciation for how wines are made, planning a tour to a winery would be an amazing experience – especially if she has never visited one before. Instead of drinks at a lounge, wine tasting tours offer a classic twist to an elegant-themed bachelorette party that everyone on board will enjoy. Check with your local wineries for tour options and accommodations.

2. A casino night
While slumber parties and girls weekend getaways are still popular options for bachelorette parties, some ladies prefer organizing a casino night where they can play games, gamble and have fun. After all, the casino is not just for bachelors!

But there's one thing Derbyshire says you should always be cautious about if you choose this route – your budget. "I hate to be the Grinch, but bridesmaids need to be realistic when planning the bachelorette party," Derbyshire warns. "I've had to reign in some overly enthusiastic planners in order to prevent a financial disaster." So, keep the fun factor in mind, but be cautious with your money and decide how much you're all willing to spend, ahead of time.

3. A group dance class
Tired of the standard bachelorette party at a spa? If you and your other bridesmaids want to be more original, why not attend a belly dancing class, or better yet, a confidence-boosting pole dancing group session? If it's something you always wanted to try out, this might be the perfect time to do so. If you're planning it as a surprise for the bride, however, you will want to make sure you are on the same page. "The last thing you want at a bachelorette party is a bride who is uncomfortable and not enjoying herself," Derbyshire says. "On the flip side, if the bride is someone who is a go-for-anything kind of gal, then by all means, bridesmaids should take charge and make all of the decisions."

4. A karaoke night
"Gone are the days when bar-hopping was the only choice for a bachelorette party," Derbyshire says, adding that karaoke nights have become popular options for ladies looking to have a fun time. After all, "bridesmaids want to make the bachelorette party memorable and different – an event that the bride-to-be will never forget," she says. And what's more memorable than a night spent belting out your favourite tunes?

5. A classy, catered dinner at home
With busy schedules and preparations for the big day, planning a bachelorette party can be complicated. A catered dinner at home is the perfect option for a time-crunched bridal party. For a more memorable night, consider making it a classy affair – have plenty of champagne on hand and get everyone to dress up in pretty outfits – complete with fascinators!

6. A weekend of outdoor adventures
If the bride loves nature and enjoys being outdoors, Derbyshire suggests anything from camping to zip lining to river rafting, and even a hot-air balloon ride. The possibilities are endless and there is plenty to choose from, depending on your timeframe and budget. However, just remember the event isn't about you – always ensure the bride's wishes are top of mind because the last thing you want is for this to be a negative experience for her.

7. A lingerie party
If you want a party that's sexier (and one that doesn't involve strippers), a lingerie party might be the right fit for the group. Similar to passion or trunk parties, lingerie parties allow guest to try on different lingerie pieces and purchase the ones they want at discounted prices. A hostess from the company usually leads the party, while attendees play fun games, snack on their favourite foods and enjoy each other's company.

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7 fun bachelorette party ideas