How to add some flair to your fall wedding

How to add some flair to your fall wedding

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How to add some flair to your fall wedding

In the past, fall weddings were often synonymous with rigid colour schemes and harvest-inspired decorations. However, as many couples eschew traditional themes in favour of unique nuptials, getting married in autumn has become trendier.

"More and more couples are looking to marry in the fall when temperatures cool off a little bit. Combine that with gorgeous colours and great venue options and voila – fall weddings are on the rise," says Crystal Adair-Benning, the wedding planner behind Distinct Occasions, a company devoted to planning unique, stylish weddings and events for couples. Here she shares some of the unique ways you can add touches of fall to your wedding.

1. Get creative with colour
Don't feel as though you have to be locked into a traditional colour palette. Gone are the days when having a fall wedding meant having to feature classic autumn hues such as red, yellow and orange. When it comes to colour schemes, many couples are breaking the mould and planning events that inspire them, regardless of the season, says Adair-Benning.

"There is a wealth of colours to choose from," she says. "And who says a pretty pink fête wouldn't be just as appealing in September?"

If you want to incorporate more fall-centric colours, think about paring them with colours that are a little more untraditional, Adair-Benning suggests. Think orange with grey, yellow with lavender or red with pops of aquamarine.

2. Get inspired by the season
It's easy to look to traditional autumn items – such as apples, pumpkins and other harvest themes – when trying to work seasonal elements into your wedding, but you aren't limited to the obvious. Adair-Benning encourages couples to think outside of the box.

"When I think of fall I think of crisp apple strudel, hot chocolate and cosy fireplaces. Use those for inspiration," she suggests.

This could mean seeking out a cosy venue full of rich woods and a working fireplace to create a warm ambience or planning an elegant, all-white affair featuring gourmet apple strudels and steaming cups of white hot chocolate.

Page 1 of 2 -- Discover three more great ways to add some flair to your fall wedding on page 2. 3. Offer your guests warm and inviting food
When we think of fall, we think of food. From roast turkey to freshly baked apple and pumpkin pies, fall is all about meals that warm both our stomachs and our hearts. These kinds of hearty foods provide the perfect inspiration for what to serve at a fall wedding.

Adair-Benning suggests couples serve their guests seasonal items, such as gourmet takes on their favourite hearty fall dishes, soups and stews. Many couples serve comfort food favourites, such as sliders and macaroni and cheese, at their fall weddings.

4. Add luxurious accents to your wedding attire
Inspired by Kate Middleton's elegant long-sleeved gown, many autumn brides are opting for chic gowns that feature sleeves or pronounced straps. However, while a gown with sleeves can be incredibly stylish, sleeves are not absolutely necessary if you're getting married in cooler weather.

"Dresses with straps and sleeves may be your first inclination," says Adair-Benning, "but you could also go with a gorgeous wrap, faux fur or jacket," she says.

Because of the slightly cooler weather, a fall wedding also gives you ample opportunity to accessorize. When it comes to wedding looks, the trend right now is all about showing off your personal style, says Adair-Benning. A fall wedding is the perfect occasion to wear bold statement pieces and accessories that stand out. Consider adding a vintage-inspired brooch, a wrap in a rich hue, such as forest green or plum, or shoes in a colour or pattern that pops.

5. Go with your gut
Ultimately, forge a path that works for you. "Trust your instincts and, if you don't, hire a planner or designer," Adair-Benning advises.

Go with a theme that suits the season, but also suits you as a couple. "Fall doesn't have to be leaves, gourds and pumpkins," she says. "But it should be warm, inviting and most of all, memorable."

While summer weddings remain popular, tying the knot as the colours change and the air turns crisp can be a great way to switch things up and put a whole new twist on your big day.

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How to add some flair to your fall wedding