Wedding hairstyles for all hair types

Wedding hairstyles for all hair types

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Wedding hairstyles for all hair types

Wedding gown? Check. Shoes? Check. Jewelry, makeup, bag? Check, check, check. You're almost there, but the crowning glory of your special day will be the wedding hairstyle that tops off your look. Do you wear long hair up or does it flow down your shoulders? Should you put ornaments in your short cut? Whatever hair you've got, you can make it look spectacular for your big day. We checked in with Luigi Rosi, beauty consultant and spokesperson for Rowenta Beauty to find out which hairstyles will best complement you and your dress!

Wedding hairstyle trends - chignons and loose buns
According to Rosi, wedding hairstyle trends run the gamut but he says chignons and loose buns are very much en vogue at the moment. "This year, there are still a lot of loose buns, worn very low with a lot of natural texture and curls," he says. "High-positioned chignons are making their way back."

Best styles for different hair types
Short hair: If you have short hair, Rosi recommends trying a gelled side part or even gelling your hair all back for a modern but sophisticated look. "If you have some length, try a pin curl set, which gives a burlesque feel to the hairstyle," he says. "Another option is slicking your hair back and adding a faux ponytail that you clip in and work your way to your style."

Long hair: If you have long hair, you have more options. If you want to wear it up, Rosi recommends an elegant bun, chignon or high ponytail, all of which will show off your neck and the shoulder details of your gown. Prefer to wear it down? Rosi recommends a low side pony tail with 'mechanical curls' (from a flat iron or curling iron) or suggests trying 'half-up hair', and allowing curls to cascade down your shoulders.

Hair ornaments
Adding a little sparkle to your hair on your wedding day is the perfect way to make you feel special, like it's not just any other day. But Rosi warns, don't go too far. "Keep in mind that it's not Christmas!" he says. Here are his suggestions:

"For a low bun, flowers are still a good choice, but don't go too big," he says. "Nice pins can complement the hairstyle, placed in an erratic way in the bun itself."

"If you are wearing your hair down, big flowers on a ponytail look elegant or you can make it practical if you have a side bang and hold it with a bigger ornamental pin," says Rosi. "The trick to securing your ornaments is to cross two bobby pins to create an 'x'. That should last you for the evening."

When it comes to veils, Rosi says that crowns with incorporated veils work great with high placed hair chignons or buns. "Veils with combs work better for low-structured hairstyles, which are easy to put on and remove."

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Matching your hairstyle to your wedding dress
How much does the style of your dress impact the kind of hairstyle you should opt for? For instance, if your dress is really fancy, should you go with a fancy hairstyle or keep it simpler?

"Opposites attract," says Rosi, "but keep in mind that you don't want your hairstyle to overpower your dress or vice-versa. If your dress has a lot of detail, I recommend keeping it simple, but create some details in the hairstyle so everything flows and has a continuance to it."

Dress: Modern
Hairstyle: Well polished high or side ponytail

Dress: Traditional
Hairstyle: High chignon or French twist

Dress: Glam
Hairstyle: Hot roller set pinned up loosely, for a red carpet feel

Dress: Soft/romantic
Hairstyle: Pulled back in a ponytail with a braid put into a bun; or a fishtail braid is beautiful

Dress: Straight-lined/structured
Hairstyle: Slicked side part, very polished; tied back into a structured chignon

10 dos and don'ts of wedding hairstyles
On your wedding day, you want everything to go just right. Here are 10 tips from Rosi to help make sure your hair doesn't turn into a disaster on your big day.

Do plan ahead. Book your hair appointments and have a consultation with your stylist at least three months in advance.
Do bring a picture of your dress and the hairstyles you are thinking of having done. Visual communication is a must.
Do bring your hair accessories or ornaments with you to your consultation.
Do at least two trials so that you and your stylist feel comfortable with the style.
Do take pictures of your trials, so you can see them. By using photos, you'll be more objective in determining what looks good or not.
Don't wait for the last minute to think about your hair; you have enough stress as it is.
Don't cut your hair too short if you want to wear it up.
Don't use harsh chemical services on your hair close to your wedding date.
Don't get too many people involved in the decision-making process. It can mix you up and create more stress.
Don't give yourself a total makeover; it's very risky and you might not feel comfortable with it.

Start shopping for your dream wedding hairstyle now! Click around these 5 gorgeous wedding hairstyles to get a sense of what you want.

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Wedding hairstyles for all hair types