Wedding ideas: How to plan your regal wedding

Wedding ideas: How to plan your regal wedding

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Wedding ideas: How to plan your regal wedding

You're getting married. There's so much to plan.

The dress! The invitations! The cake! The photographer! The playlist!

Enjoy your wedding planning bonanza with Canadian Living.

We've got you covered with a guide including everything from the latest trends in gowns to cakes that take the cake to the ultimate reception playlist.

Yours may not be the royal wedding, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't feel like a princess. Get inspired ideas for your special day here.

The dress
Latest trends in wedding gowns

Latest trends in bridesmaid dresses
Wedding hairstyles to complement your dress

The invitations
How to shop for wedding invitations
Free downloadable wedding invitations

The cake
Chocolate wedding cake recipe
Almond lemon wedding cake recipe
Chocolate mousse wedding cake recipe
Carrot wedding cake with cream cheese frosting
Photo gallery: Formal wedding cakes
Photo gallery: Creative wedding cakes
Photo gallery: Cute wedding cakes
Photo gallery: Off-beat wedding cakes
Creative wedding cake toppers

The photographer
How to choose a wedding photographer
Wedding pictures: 10 tips for photographing a friend's wedding
9 ways to look good in photos

The playlist
Top 50 wedding songs for a memorable reception

After the big day
8 solutions to make married life easier
Learn the 29 tricks to making your marriage strong
The anatomy of a great marriage
Secrets of a successful marriage
8 ways to divorce-proof your marriage
10 tips for relationship satisfaction
Photo gallery: 101 things to do with your sweetheart

And more . . .
How to have a green wedding
50 ways to save on wedding expenses
10 ways to have your dream wedding
How to keep your wedding classy on a budget
How to write the best wedding guest list
The bridesmaid survival guide
How to be a great bridesmaid
5 quick fixes for tired-looking eyes
3 hot bridal shower trends
How to deal with his bachelor party
Wedding craft: How to make a garter
Photo gallery: How to match the right colours to your hair and skin tone


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Wedding ideas: How to plan your regal wedding