Earth Day news: Armani's "Acqua for Life" campaign expands

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Earth Day news: Armani's "Acqua for Life" campaign expands

April 22 is recognized as National Earth Day and as global citizens we are all called to help and improve the way we live on this planet. It's our responsibility to think about the place we live in to guarantee a better future not only for ourselves, but for the  next generations to come.

BOLIVIA Installing the Pump (2)

A pump installation in Bolivia.

On this note, a growing philanthropic project comes as exciting news. Italian designer Giorgio Armani is expanding his Acqua for Life campaign in—partnership with Green Cross—to Africa, Latin America and Asia this year after helping communities in Ghana, Bolivia, Mexico and China. The campaign has built water pumps, wells and rainwater-harvesting systems since 2011. "Green Cross and Giorgio Armani are ensuring thousands of people have access to water," says Marie-Laure Vercambre, Director of GCI's Water for Life and Peace programme. "We are delighted to continue this partnership and excited to expand in Sri Lanka, Ivory Coast and Senegal."


Children in Ghana.

Acqua for Life has improved the lives of thousands of children and women who are now able to obtain drinkable water from sources closer to their homes. This way, kids aren't forced to skip school days and walk many miles to gather unsafe water from risky places. The same applies to adult women who can now spend more time taking care of their families.


Carrying water in Ghana.

This year, with the purchase of every special edition 100 mL bottle of Giorgio Armani Acqua di Gìo or Acqua di Gioia fragrance, Armani will donate 100 litres of safe and clear water to communities in need every year for 10 years—for a whopping 1000 litres in total per fragrance. If there ever was a time to use your buying power for good, this is it.

All photos courtesy of Giorgio Armani


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Earth Day news: Armani's "Acqua for Life" campaign expands