How to make your own natural beauty products

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How to make your own natural beauty products

Guest post:  Natasha Singh is a recent graduate of Ryerson University‘s journalism program. She spends her free time with her amazing family and friends, playing with the best dog ever (Charlie) and blogging about beauty. She has interned at Canadian Living in both the health and web departments and has her own style blog Natural beauty, skincare and hair products are more popular than ever and it makes total sense. I mean, if you’re going to put something all over your face or hair, it should probably be good for you, right? Easier said than done. Sometimes buying all-natural products can get pretty pricey so many have turned to making their own  home-made solutions. And they’re really simple to make. If I haven’t mentioned it before (which I totally have in my craft blog posts) I’m not a huge DIY-er, so things kind of have to be idiot-proof for me to figure them out. However most of these “recipes” only require two or three ingredients and most likely, it’s stuff you already have on hand. There's a few great natural recipes from Canadian Living here:   And I have my own personal favourite solution for chapped lips – a DIY lip scrub. High-end companies will sell you a small jar sometimes upwards of $15 but you can make a homemade scrub that’s just as good and way less expensive. All you need is: 1 teaspoon brown sugar 1 teaspoon honey 1/2 teaspoon of lemon juice Mix all of this together in a small bowl or container. Rub over your lips to exfoliate away dead skin and wipe off the excess with a damp towel. I like adding some type of citrus to my lip scrubs because it leaves a really fresh scent plus it balances out the ultra sweet sugar and honey. Looking for more ideas? TVO's  Green Heroes, a show that promotes taking action and making a positive impact on the environment, has come out with an app that will include some short videos along with some natural beauty recipes.

Check out this naturally  delicious face wash (pictured above) or a more gentle oatmeal face wash which combines just oatmeal and olive oil for those with sensitive skin. I am particularly intrigued by their avocado and coconut milk hair mask, because not only would that smell awesome, coconut milk has a ton of natural moisturizing properties. Other DIY beauty ingredients you can find in your kitchen include:
  • coconut oil (moisturizing)
  • apple cider vinegar (cleansing)
  • tea (anti-inflammatory)
  • yogurt (soothing)
  • cucumbers (cooling)
  • honey (anti-bacterial and moisturizing)
  • olive oil (serious moisture!)
  • baking soda (a great scrub)
  • salt and sugar (varying scrub textures depending on your sensitivity)
Save yourself some money, get creative and try out these natural beauty solutions. Let us know your favourite recipes by sharing with us on  Facebook and  Twitter!


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How to make your own natural beauty products