Inside the Erdem charity fashion show in Toronto

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Inside the Erdem charity fashion show in Toronto

Last week I sat at the Nars Cosmetics table at the Erdem fashion show and luncheon in support of the BRAS Drug Development Program for cancer. The food was good, the entertainment was good, and I was surrounded by stylish women—all sporting designer labels with aplomb—that were there to support a worthy cause. Erdem Fashion Show luncheon table

My place setting.

Before the fashion show began, I was able to sneak backstage (an offshoot of the venue's kitchen) to view the hair and makeup. Hair makeup backstage at Erdem fashion show

Models and makeup artists backstage. Photo courtesy of L'Oréal Professionnel.

The beauty look, originally designed by Val Garland for Nars (for the FW14 presentation in London), was recreated by Jane Richardson, Nars International Lead Makeup Artist, for the afternoon event. The beauty look was a little bit rocker—like a groupie that's partied all night, but still manages to wake up fresh faced. It was also inspired by 17th century painting. The mix of inspirations created a thoroughly modern effect. Most notably, the makeup artists applied Nars Triple X Lip Gloss to the lids of each model for a bit of sheen. If you like the look, try a shimmery skin-toned shadow to get a similar effect without the mess. Erdem_FW14

The makeup look. Photo courtesy of Nars.

The hairstyle, a low messy knot, was created by Brennen Demelo for L'Oréal Professionnel. It is essentially a low ponytail that hasn't been pulled completely through the elastic. The end of the hair is then wrapped around the elastic and left hanging by the neck.

Hair for Erdem fashion show, a low knot

The knotted hairstyle.

The laidback makeup and hair nicely juxtaposed the elaborate clothing by Erdem. Just look at the beautiful pieces (especially pictured below!). It was exciting to see them in person—all while noshing on delicious treats (The best strawberry and pickled watermelon salad in existence! Dark chocolate cake!)

Erdem FW14 looks

My favourite dresses. Photo courtesy of Nars.

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Inside the Erdem charity fashion show in Toronto