Trend alert: Show off your arm party

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Trend alert: Show off your arm party

One of my all-time favourite fashion terms is " arm party." What does it mean? In a nutshell, an arm party is all about layering your wrist(s) with different combinations of bracelets, bangles and decorative elastics. Some say that The Man Repeller, Leandra Medine, coined the term about a year ago, but I beg to differ. I'll give it to her that she made the term popular with the masses, but this duo of words has been used as a mainstream hed for accessory stories in print for years. Don't be afraid to mix gold, rose gold, copper, silver, different textures, pops of colour or patterns on your wrist. Although there are no hard and fast rules on how to throw a successful arm party, I would recommend keeping any chunky bangles off the guest list. I find they dwarf some of the smaller, more delicate bracelets and create an overall sloppy look.

Katherine is the type of host who throws an arm party worthy of Martha Stewart's admiration. What I mean is that she's methodical as to who she invites. To give order to the mass of bracelets, she composes a combination of silver pieces with just a few small rose gold bangles. The wild card in the mix is the Links of London bracelet found in black fabric and silver – it's decidedly more masculine than her other ultra-feminine attendees. The overall esthetic is clean and luxe.

Katherine's guest list:

  1. Return to Tiffany bead bracelet, Tiffany and Co., $165.
  2. Martha bracelet, J.Crew, $95.
  3. Friendship bracelet, Links of London, $255.
  4. Bead stretch bracelet in rose gold, Michael Kors, $45.
  5. Sterling silver ball bracelet, Silpada, $125.
  6. Return to Tiffany heart charm bracelet, Tiffany and Co., $275.
  My arm party is far less thought out than the lovely Katherine's. I'm a sucker for anything with rhinestones or spikes – or spikes with rhinestones – on it. I pretty much invite all my favourites to the party without thinking about whether they'll get along or not. Sprinkle a little neon, a pinch of leather and a spot of leopard print and I have myself a party. It's pretty thrown together, but it still works because the sizes are proportionate. BTW, this is my work arm party.

My guest list:

  1. Double tour bracelet, Hermès, $415.
  2. Spiked stretch bracelet, Forever 21, $4.80. (SOLD OUT)
  3. Tennis bracelet, Swarovski, $155.
  4. Women's watch strap, J.Crew, $12.
  5. Vibrant rhinestone hoop earrings, Forever 21, $7.80. (I wore one hoop as a bracelet.)
  6. Double wear elastics bracelet, Goody, $5 for three.
Are you a fan of the arm party trend? We'd love to see pictures!


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Trend alert: Show off your arm party