10 instant beauty fixes

10 instant beauty fixes

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10 instant beauty fixes

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To banish dry skin on elbows, knees and feet, make nice with an all-natural sugar scrub, says Leeanne Colley, owner of Tips Nail Bar and Spa in Toronto. You can make your own by mixing one cup of raw sugar with two tablespoons of olive oil. Add a splash of flavour extract (such as vanilla, orange or almond) for a yummy scent.

Help for your hair
Hair looking a little lacklustre? Wash with cooler water to help your colour last longer and make hair look healthier, says Franz David, a colourist and co-owner of Parlour Salon in Toronto. "Cooler water will close the cuticles of your hair," says David. "It also helps smooth out hair, making it shinier."

Lock in your coif's fresh colour with low-pH shampoo and conditioner. "Slamming down the cuticle will hold the colour a lot longer," says Erika Stone, senior colourist at Exit Salon in Toronto. Or try white vinegar. "A once-a-month splash after you shampoo and before you condition will give you more shine," she says.

Is dry winter air sucking the life out of your blowouts? Stylist Patty Tzoids of Exit Salon knows just the trick. "Blow-dry your hair into a style with heat and then set it with cold air to make it last longer." This method also helps pump up the shine factor.

Makeup tips for winter
Forget to pack your blush for that last-minute overnighter? Don't fret: Your trusty lipstick will also work as a creamy blush. "Using your third and fourth fingers, blot it on the apples of your cheeks and blend well," says makeup artist Sabrina Rinaldi.

Stick to the basics. "I use foundation, bronzer, crème blush, liquid eyeliner, mascara and some brow shadow. Depending on the occasion I wear gloss or lipstick. You can pass on eye shadow if you've done a bit of liner to define your eyes," says Cheryl Gushue, a makeup artist.

For fifties-inspired eye makeup, dip a fine brush into your mascara and apply as eyeliner. "The consistency is easy to work with and close to today's liquid, gel and cream liners," says Gregory Graveline, a makeup artist.

Finishing touches
At a fancy dinner with a nasty chipped nail about to snag your nylons? Seek out a matchbook from the restaurant's hostess: The rough edge will smooth over that broken nail.

Makeup wipes gone astray? Stick with the classics. "When I need to remove a day's worth of heavy makeup, I grab a cotton pad and some baby oil," says Vanessa Jarman, a makeup artist.

Do you have dry lips, but no luxurious lip scrub to banish flakes and dry spots? Try gently rubbing your lips with a soft toothbrush before you apply lipstick.

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10 instant beauty fixes