11 fall beauty tips

11 fall beauty tips

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11 fall beauty tips

Earthly delights
Up the luxury factor the next time you take a bath or shower by slathering on a skin-smoothing scrub. Two of the most popular types of natural body scrubs are salt-based and sugar-based. Salt plays double-duty as a thorough exfoliator and a soothing disinfectant. But if you love gourmand fragrances, pick a scrub that's sugar-based. They're a perfect choice for sensitive skin because the sugar dissolves quickly once water is added.

Turn on the brights

Most of us wish our teeth were a shade (or two, or three) lighter, especially when a camera makes an appearance. You can make your teeth appear whiter by choosing a lipstick with a blue base. Look for reds and berries, but stay away from oranges and corals as they have the opposite effect. Or actually whiten your teeth with an at-home whitening kit that contains peroxide. We love the new Crest 3D White 2-Hour Express Whitestrips. You only have to use them four times a year because one application lasts for three months.

Manicure makeover

Bid adieu to passe French manicures and say hello to a well-thought-out mani. The perfect polish is now just as statement-making as a Birkin bag or wedge heels. Fall shades are a mixed bag of moody colours: deep plums, dusty khakis, mixed-up metals and subdued nudes. As far as nail shapes go, you can either play it safe and keep them short and square or try them rounded and a tad bit longer. The rounded shape is flattering for women with shorter nail beds, giving the illusion of elongated nails.

Iced out
Soothe tired eyes in half the time by popping your eye cream or gel into the fridge overnight. The cooler temperature will bestow instant relief and put a spring in your previously sleepy step.

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Great lengths
Faux lashes are the makeup equivalent to your favourite LBD – they can make you feel instantly glamorous. False lashes work with a range of looks, from a natural application to something dressed up for night. For a more subtle effect, trim a standard pair of false lashes in the middle and apply them only to the outside corners of the eyes.

Royal flush
The quickest way to warm up your complexion is with a soft rose or peachy pink blush. Makeup artists agree it's the one beauty product that looks great on women of every age and skin tone. On the fall runways, the focus was more on the diverse placement of blush than on a particular colour. At the Marc Jacobs show, models had blush dusted on their lower cheeks, while at the Versace show it was blended high across the cheekbones.

Get some great gadgets
Give your eyes a lift by adding an eyelash curler to your daily beauty routine. It's a must-have tool for creating that coveted wide-eyed look. The pros say you don't have to spend big bucks to get quality: you can pick up a good eyelash curler at the drugstore. Just choose one that's made of metal, rather than plastic – it'll last longer. Curl bare eyelashes, then set the curled lashes with a few (or a few dozen) coats of mascara.

Bright eyes

Makeup pros agree that the best way to say "so long" to dark circles and droopy lids is to swap out smoky shadows and sooty pencils for a softer palette. To give the appearance of a few more hours of sleep, try tracing your lower lash line with a flesh-toned pencil. Your tired eyes will take on a decidedly youthful glow.

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Top touch up
Save time and money by forgoing that trip to the salon and covering up roots at home. There are now at-home colour kits that will do the job in 10 minutes flat. If your regrowth is more than 50 per cent grey, stick with a permanent formula; if you have little to no grey hair, a semi- or demi-permanent colour will do the job. Apply colour only to any regrowth, then when the clock ticks dow n to the last two minutes, work the dye through the rest of your hair before shampooing.

Go-to hairdo
Don't have time to wash your hair but need it to look flawless in mere minutes? Easy! Pick up a mesh doughnut to give your hair a red carpet-worthy chignon every time. First, smooth your hair back into a ponytail. Next, slide your ponytail through the hole of the doughnut and spread hair evenly around it. Finish the look by securing the ends of your hair under the doughnut with bobby pins and spritzing with a flexible-hold hair spray.

This season, all the best runway hairstyles had an organic quality to them – and the standout was undoubtedly the ponytail. We saw ponies at Alexander Wang, Louis Vuitton and Balmain – and we assure you they were nothing like your average post-gym ponytail. To create a haphazard pony, finger-comb your hair back into a low ponytail at the nape of the neck. To add to the bedhead esthetic, rough up your roots with some dry shampoo.

Hats off to moisture
Hats and toques make it difficult to maintain your hair's style; they also add static to dried out locks – all of which make managing a seasonal look even more difficult. The key to keeping your look in place is to be ritualistic about your hair regimen. Shampoo and condition every morning with a rich conditioning line like Pantene Pro-V Medium-Thick Hair Solutions Breakage to Strength Shampoo and Conditioner. And never over-apply product like hairspray (this just weighs hair down).

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11 fall beauty tips