12 essential winter beauty tips

12 essential winter beauty tips

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12 essential winter beauty tips

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1. Shade shifter

If you have a paler complexion, don't feel you have to banish your bronzer until spring. When used sparingly and in combination with a cream blush, "it gives skin a healthy glow," says Cheryl Gushue, a makeup artist in Toronto.

2. Layer on
To keep environmental damage at bay and free-radicals from multiplying, your first skin-care step should be layering an antioxidant-laced treatment onto your skin. Toronto-based dermatologist Paul Cohen prefers products with vitamin C and green tea.

3. Double stuff
To make sure your lotion or cream is working for you, apply it to damp skin straight out of the shower. "This helps lock in the moisture," says Cohen.

4. Sun shield
"The UVA is just as high in the winter," says Cohen, who recommends maintaining your sunscreen use with just as much diligence as you would during the summer. Remember: UVA rays lead to the signs of aging, even though they don't cause any immediately visible signs of exposure.

5. On base
"Chances are you've lost some of your summer glow and your foundation will most likely need to be a shade lighter," says Gushue. She suggests switching from a tinted moisturizer to a foundation with a creamier consistency, particularly if you have dry skin.

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6. Marked effort
Battling acne? If you're using a gel-based product, try switching to a cream-based one, since "gel products tend to be more drying," says Cohen. Stripping your skin of too much moisture can lead to the overproduction of oil, which may cause more breakouts.

7. Up in the air
All the products and dermatological treatments in the world won't grant you gorgeous skin if your skin is strapped for moisture. Place a humidifier in your bedroom to replenish parched skin while you snooze, says Cohen.

8. Hands on
While a body moisturizer can certainly replenish skin's moisture barrier, when it comes to les mains, be sure you're looking for creams specifically designed for hands, as they tend to be more water-resistant.

9. Jelly baby
Slather on a jelly-based lip balm daily to soothe chapped lips and provide a protective coating against icy winds. Keep an extra at your bedside to remind you to reapply, and let the magic work while you sleep.

10. Happy feet
Even if you don't think anyone will see your toes, indulge in a pedicure. "Our feet should never be left neglected," says Leeanne Colley, owner of Tips Nail Bar and Spa in Toronto. In between pedicures, she suggests sloughing off dry skin with a professional foot file for 10 seconds, then following with a heavy moisturizer containing shea butter. Finish by slipping into a cosy pair of socks or slippers. Voila!

11. Double up
Between the high heat, the freezing temps outside and the general lack of moisture, don't be afraid to apply moisturizer twice per day. This keeps dermatitis at bay, says Cohen.

12. Grey matters
Even though you're covered up, you'll still want to feel trendy with minimal commitment. So try an on-trend manicure with the colour "greige," a blend of grey and beige, with shades ranging from mushroom to wet stone. It works well against the cosy knits and darker wardrobe of winter, but looks completely appropriate for work. "It's lasted four seasons," says Colley.

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12 essential winter beauty tips