12 travel beauty tips from luxury flight attendants

12 travel beauty tips from luxury flight attendants

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12 travel beauty tips from luxury flight attendants

While working for one of the most glamorous airlines in the world, Emirates flight attendants must provide top-of-the-line service while maintaining an immaculate appearance. With journeys that last as long as 16 hours, how do these ladies remain flawless? We’ve gathered their skin care and makeup beauty secrets, which can be used at any altitude.

1. In-air skin care
When travelling from city to city, it’s important for cabin crews to consider different weather conditions before embarking on a skin-care regimen. Identify your skin type—dry, oily or combination—then plan a skin-care routine for the weather you’ll be travelling to.
2. Take it off
As tempting as it is to just fall into bed after a long day, never forget to remove your makeup. If makeup sits on the skin overnight, the cells don’t have a chance to renew themselves. This bad habit can age the skin. Try quick-and-easy one-step cleansing cloths if a rinse-off cleanser seems like a hassle.

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3. Match it up
Test foundation on your jawline, not your wrist. The colour will be more accurate, and will blend into your neck for a natural look. The right tone will make your skin look fresh and clear, even if it’s breaking out from travel.

4. Smooth it out
Whether you use a sponge, brush or fingertips to apply foundation, there’s only one rule: use a downward sweeping motion. This application will smooth out fine hairs on the face.

5. Bottled hydration station

Hydration sprays keep the face moisturized in dry atmospheres. A few spritzes overtop of makeup keeps foundation from cracking and looking cakey. The Emirates crew recommends Evian Mineral Water Spray Duo To Go. 

6. Be neutral
Neutral shadows suit everyone, so stick to a single nude palette—and you’ll also make space in your makeup bag. Simply find the right tones for your skin tone—cool, silvery shades if you have pink undertones and golden shades if you have yellow undertones.

7. Keep it light

If you’re feeling fatigued, stick to lighter colours on the eyes. Dark shadows can make eyes look drawn down. As for eyeliner, applying it to your top lash line will make eyes look more open. Skip bottom liner, since it can emphasize dark circles.

8. Prime time
Waterproof mascara is handy but it can dry out your lashes. Opt instead for a primer followed by regular mascara to help with water resistance while keeping lashes hydrated. Always apply in a zig-zag motion to prevent clumping.

9. Matchy-matchy
The Emirates ladies wear deep red lips and nails to correspond with their uniforms. Don’t go overboard with colour coordination, but matching lips and nails in hues like coral, plum and pink can pull a look together.   

10. Soft smooch

If you suffer from dry, flakey lips, exfoliating is key. Applying lip balm over and over will only create buildup. Try using a small exfoliating brush in the shower. 

11. Rule of thumb
Test out lip colour on your thumb pads. Since thumbs contain the same acidity that lips do, this test spot will reveal how the shade will show on your pout.  

12. Colour inside the lines
Use lip pencil all over the lip to make colour last all day. Do not top with lip gloss, as this step can change the shade of the pencil and make it wear off more quickly.

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12 travel beauty tips from luxury flight attendants