3 easy hairstyles for fall 2015

3 easy hairstyles for fall 2015

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3 easy hairstyles for fall 2015

Easy no-heat hairstyles are a summer staple. They let you hit the snooze button in the morning and give your tresses a timeout from damaging heat styling tools. Just because cooler weather is ahead doesn't mean you have to give up your low-maintenance hair habits. 

If you think your hair's au naturel state is more bedhead than effortlessly chic, don't fret. We chatted with Sylvie Prud'Homme, a member of the Kérastase artistic team and co-owner of The Loft hair salon in Toronto, to get her take on mastering low-maintenance hair. Here are three fall hairstyles that are perfectly undone—and curling-iron free. 

An image of a model sporting tousled waves on the runway.
Topshop Fall 2015; Courtesy of Topshop  

1. Tousled waves

"The secret to no-heat hairstyling is a good product that will enhance your hair's natural texture," says Prud'Homme. This look will work best—regardless of length—if you have a bit of a natural wave. 

1. On damp hair, use a wide-tooth comb to gently detangle and create a centre part.
2. Spritz sea-salt spray from roots to tips. 
3. Using your hands, scrunch and tousle your hair to maximize volume and waves. 
4. Let your hair air-dry. 
5. Once dry, finish the look by spritzing with a powder-based texturizing spray. 

Pro tip: If you're due for a visit with your hairstylist, Prud-Homme suggests asking for a dry cut to define where the texture sits.
An image of the products used to create tousled waves. Toolbox: Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray, $30, Kérastase Paris Volume in Powder, $38, Kevin Murphy Texture Comb, $10,

An image of a model sporting a low ponytail backstage at the Alberta Ferretti fall 2015 fashion show.
2. Low ponytail 

The loose strands at the front of this style create an effortless feel while the rest of the hair stays secured with a hair tie at the nape of the neck. 

1. On dry hair, use a natural-fibre paddle brush to smooth the strands. 
2. Part hair down the centre, but don't worry about trying to get it perfect. 
3. Gather and secure hair at the nape of the neck using a hair tie. 
4. Gently tug at the strands framing the face. 
5. Finish the look with a setting spray to keep hair in place throughout the day. 

Pro tip: To ensure smooth strands, use a smoothing styling cream on damp hair and let air-dry.
An image of the tools needed to create the low ponytail.Toolbox: Agave Healing Oil Natural Bamboo Paddle Brush, $26, Aveda Smooth Infusion Nourishing Styling Creme, $34,

An image of the rope braid hairstyle.
3. The rope braid 

For fall, Prud'Homme says braids are going to be reinvented with a twist—literally. This new take on the classic schoolgirl braid is ideal for those with long, straight tresses. 

1. Pull damp hair back into a tight ponytail at the top of the head and secure with a hair elastic. 
2. Separate the ponytail into two equal halves. 
3. Spray both halves thoroughly with a fixing spray. 
4. Twist each half tightly counterclockwise. 
5. Spray both twists again with a fixing spray. 
6. Wrap the right twist around the left twist all the way to the end of the strands, then secure with a clear elastic at the bottom. 

An image of the tools needed to create the rope braid. Toolbox: Kérastase Paris Fix Fabulous, $38, Goody Ouchless Hair Elastics, $4 per pkg of 52,

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3 easy hairstyles for fall 2015