3 easy steps for the perfect blowout

3 easy steps for the perfect blowout

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3 easy steps for the perfect blowout

With the right products and a few expert tips, it's possible to score a beautiful at-home blowout. These simple steps will give you the gumption to wield your blow dryer in the right direction.

1. Use the right shampoo and conditioner
Shampooing and conditioning with products that are suited to your hair type sets the foundation for a beautiful blowout, says Greg May, owner of Greg May Hair Architects in Toronto.

If you have fine hair, don’t expect to gain volume by using a heavy conditioner formulated for thick hair. For dry hair, May uses products that contain argan oil. “It’s high in linoleic fatty acids, which can help rebuild the structure of the hair,” he says.

When it comes to oily hair, he prefers to use a volumizing shampoo, as many of them include witch hazel, an ingredient that wicks away excess oil.

2. Get extra volume with a spray
Once your hair is clean and conditioned, Zia Stolbie, a session stylist at Blo at Four Seasons Vancouver, suggests brushing your hair with a paddle brush. Then spray the roots at the crown of your head with a priming or boosting spray to create volume.

3. How to brush your hair
May recommends rough drying (read: no brush) until your hair is 60 to 80 percent dry before using a round brush. This will help minimize damage, he says, as “hair is approximately 33 percent weaker when wet.”

For a sleek finish, Justin German, Pantene Pro-V consulting stylist, recommends facing the hair dryer nozzle downward, which helps keep the hair cuticles smooth and keep frizz at bay.

To amplify volume and create bounce, Stolbie winds hair tightly around a round brush while applying heat, and then twists the brush out of the hair.

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This story was originally titled "Blowout Brilliance" in the October 2012 issue.

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3 easy steps for the perfect blowout