3 easy summer hairstyles for parties

3 easy summer hairstyles for parties

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3 easy summer hairstyles for parties

Summertime hair can be difficult. Heat, humidity and a sincere desire to not turn on the blow dryer can leave you feeling like a topknot is your only option. While we love a good topknot, the hairstyle might not cut it when it comes to summer events such as parties, weddings, showers and birthdays when you need a look that’s just as easy to create, but one that’s more polished. We spoke to beauty and style expert Paul Venoit for some pointers on how to achieve great summer party hairstyles with minimal effort. The best part? These hairstyles rely on texture, so put that blow dryer down. 

Summer hairstyles - Blake Lively long waves
Inspiration: Blake Lively

Long waves
If you’re dead-set on wearing your hair down, embracing the wave is an easy way to get party-ready—think Blake Lively, Gisele Bündchen and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. This style is especially dramatic on longer lengths, and works best on hair that hasn’t been washed in a day or two. They key to this look is imperfection and, of course, texture. It isn’t too done or too pristine, so don’t stress about flyaways or a bit of frizz.

How to do it
1. Texturize

Spritz your roots with dry shampoo and massage the product through your hair with your fingertips. This builds texture and grit, which will help hold the wave.

2. Curl
Curl your hair with a one- or 1.5-inch curling iron. Start from the left side and work all the way around your head in the same direction. Section the hair into one-inch sections while you’re curling and start curling a quarter of the way down, and leave the ends out. “Avoid curling out from the sides of the face” says Venoit. “It’s going to give you more of a Farrah Fawcett look, which isn’t what we’re going for.”

3. Cool
You can pin your hair while it cools so that the waves are more defined, but we recommend letting them cool naturally while you do your makeup.

4. Mess it up
Once your hair is cool, run your fingers through it to create a more dishevelled look. Finish with a shot of hairspray.

Long waves hairstyling products
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Summer hairstyles - Kate Middleton half bun
Inspiration: Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge

The romantic half bun
The half bun is soft and feminine, and it keeps the hair out of your face—a huge bonus for the summer. “This style opens up the face and highlight the cheekbones and eye area,” says Venoit. “It’s a softer way of tying your hair back.” This works well on all textures and lengths that are long enough to tie back. We prefer it with a bit of a curl and a polished bun.

How to do it
1. Texturize

Even if your hair is straight, spray it with dry shampoo to give it texture. That way your bun will stay put all night long. If you have flat or fine hair, use a large-barrel curling iron to create volume. The romantic part of this half bun is in the curls.

2. Pony up
Separate the top portion of your hair, which will become the bun. Near the crown, tease the hair slightly and then pull the hair into a ponytail, leaving the bottom half down. The ponytail shouldn’t be too high or two low—aim for eye level.

3. Make a bun
Wrap the ponytail around the elastic and then use bobby pins to pin in place. Feel free to deconstruct the bun a bit by pulling the hair at your crown to loosen up the look, and allowing some loose tendrils to frame your face. Finish with hairspray.

Half bun hairstyle products
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Summer hairstyles - Jennifer Lawrence side bun
Inspiration: Jennifer Lawrence

Classic chignon
This versatile look is perfect for women who don’t want to worry about their hair. “This look is great for a long night, or even dealing with unpredictable weather conditions,” says Venoit. “Once it’s done, you don’t have to think about it.” Having texture in your hair will help the style hold better, so don’t worry if your stands aren’t super-smooth. Make sure to avoid anything over-teased or over-done. “It’s too precious and princess,” says Venoit, “more for a prom than a party.”

How to do it
1. Part and pony

The chignon looks best with a deep side part; it’s more romantic and less severe than with a middle part. After parting, pull your hair back into a low ponytail and tie with an elastic.

2. Pin the tail
Spray the ends of your hair with dry shampoo (this helps them hold better when you pin), then wrap the hair around the ponytail and pin the ends into place. For a more bohemian take, braid the ponytail first, then wrap and pin into place.

Tip for thicker hair: Create two (or even three) ponytails at the nape of your neck, and wrap each piece of hair around the base of the ponytail and pin into place.

3. Loosen up
While this is a style that looks elegant and polished when smoothed back, feel free to pull at the sides and let some face-framing layers fall out of the ponytail. For a more retro look, use a few playfully designed bobby to pin a section of hair above the ear on the side of the part that has more hair.

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3 easy summer hairstyles for parties