40 ways to enhance your beauty

40 ways to enhance your beauty

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40 ways to enhance your beauty

Browse the beauty aisle and you'll wonder what facial feature isn't subject to improvement: pores need tightening, teeth need whitening – even eyebrows need definition! Before you load up on products, it can be comforting to know sometimes less can be better. Unless you find yourself walking the red carpet and dodging paparazzo, a simpler approach to makeup may be all you need.

We've compiled a collection of our favourite ways to boost natural beauty. Discover makeup essentials for a fabulous 15-minute face, plus step-by-step photographed instructions with singer Amanda Morra. You'll also learn 10 instant beauty fixes, discover five beauty mistakes, plus read the real-life beauty secrets of Canadian women.

Photo gallery: Beauty lesson – How to get a flawless 15-minute face

Singer Amanda Morra show you how you can speed up your beauty routine. Look fabulous in just 15 minutes.

As she heads out to promote her first album, singer Amanda Morra needs to speed up her beauty routine. We show her (and you, too!) how to get glowing skin, perfect lips and lustworthy eyes in a flash.

10 instant beauty fixes

Adopt these quick tips into your beauty routine - you'll look and feel great!

To banish dry skin on elbows, knees and feet, make nice with an all-natural sugar scrub, says Leeanne Colley, owner of Tips Nail Bar and Spa in Toronto. You can make your own by mixing one cup of raw sugar with two tablespoons of olive oil. Add a splash of flavour extract (such as vanilla, orange or almond) for a yummy scent.

5 worst beauty mistakes

Avoid common makeup mistakes with tips from the pros.

Wouldn't it be great if your makeup always looked like a professional applied it? At Sephora's Backstage Beauty Show, top makeup artists shared what they think are the most common mistakes women make when applying makeup and – more importantly – how to avoid them.

25 best beauty secrets

Top beauty secrets and tips from women across Canada

In these busy times, with so many tasks vying for top priority, it's hard to find the time to practice a daily, step-by-step beauty regime. But there is one thing you do to make yourself a little more beautiful. You know – that thing that you do, not all the time, but when you really want to look good? It's your beauty secret. Most women have one, whether it was learned through trial and error or passed down from Mom or a favourite aunt. We've gathered the beauty secrets of 25 women across Canada – and now we're letting the cat out of the cosmetics bag!

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40 ways to enhance your beauty