5 Canadian beauty brands you need to try

5 Canadian beauty brands you need to try

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5 Canadian beauty brands you need to try

Using the same old cosmetics and personal-care products for years can be boring, but you don't have to settle for lackluster beauty finds. Freshen up your beauty routine with a few new products from the following Canadian beauty brands.

1. Bite Beauty
Whether you're daring enough to wear a bold lip colour or prefer to stick with a classic palette, treat your kisser to the natural ingredients found in Bite beauty products.

Bite is a collection of lip products made of natural ingredients, such as the anti-aging antioxidant resveratrol and organic shea and food butters. Plus, the line has a colour for every lip.

Why are Bite products worthy of becoming your new go-to lipsticks? "We look to food as the source of inspiration," says Susanne Langmuir, the CEO and founder of Bite Beauty. "We use ingredients that are unexpected in the cosmetic world, such as red wine resveratrol, Manuka honey and monk fruit."

Bite products are made in Toronto, where experts develop formulas in a private lab. "It gives us great control over the quality, texture and benefits of our products," says Langmuir.

2. Vasanti Cosmetics
If heavy, cakey makeup is weighing down your look, Vasanti's lightweight formulas and universally flattering colours are just the change you've been looking for. Canadian women have been turning to the brand's cosmetics and skin-care products since 1999.

"The natural look and feel of our products is definitely a focus in terms of product development," says Priti Patel, Vasanti's cofounder and chief of marketing, on what makes their products so approachable. So you can look forward to giving up any heavy or oily products that can be difficult to apply and blend.

Plus, a broad range of hues improves your chances of finding just the right shade. Vasanti Cosmetics offers a "full colour range, so that any woman – regardless of her complexion -- can find shades that work and help give her a more radiant appearance," says Patel.

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3. Consonant Skincare
Reading the long-winded ingredients listed on your skin-care products can leave you craving a skin-care overhaul. And that's the perfect time to explore Consonant Skincare's range of certified organic products, which prove that you don't need harsh ingredients to achieve healthy skin.

Consonant's president, Bill Baker, describes the fine balance that's needed to create natural skin-care products that deliver the best beauty results: "While our products are truly 100 per cent natural, we like to say they're still skin-care products -- not salad dressing. We work hard to formulate products that are not only good for you, but also deliver results."

And some folks might notice these results immediately. "If you have sensitive skin, skin that seems overly dry or skin that is red and irritated, these conditions may well be caused by the very skin-care products you are buying to get relief from these issues," Baker explains.

4. Elizabeth Grant
With a full line of skin-care, makeup and fragrance products, Elizabeth Grant has come a long way since discovering that a natural substance used to treat war wounds during the Second World War could be used to heal her own damaged skin.

Margot Grant Witz, Grant's granddaughter and the brand's creative director, reveals why Grant's line has built such a loyal fan base since she began selling it in 1958: "We care about our customers' satisfaction and needs," says Witz. "We invest heavily in clinical testing and before and after trials to examine how our products work, to determine the duration of use needed to see positive results and to support claims about the products," she explains.

5. The Green Beaver Company
After discovering how many chemicals were in the products their family used daily, husband and wife team Karen Clark and Alain Ménard used their science backgrounds in a unique way and created their own line of natural personal-care products.

"The first thing customers usually tell us is that they like our products because they are Canadian and because we use many Canadian-grown certified organic ingredients," says Ménard. "We guarantee that what we say is in our products is there, and the same goes for what we say is not in the products."

Check out each brand's fan-favourite item and discover the best products to try for yourself in our photo gallery: 5 fabulous Canadian skin-care and makeup products.

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5 Canadian beauty brands you need to try