6 must-have items for your fall makeup bag

6 must-have items for your fall makeup bag

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6 must-have items for your fall makeup bag

Fall is an ideal time to refresh your makeup bag and revitalize your look. Don't worry –you don't have to stray too far outside of your beauty comfort zone or master any new techniques that will tack precious time onto your morning routine. A few key items are all you'll need to stay on trend and look great this season.

To learn more about fall's beauty trends we turned to makeup artist and TV beauty expert Melody Iafelice for her insight into the makeup items every fall beauty kit should contain.

1. New lip colour
One of the easiest ways to stay out of a beauty rut and to freshen up your makeup look for a new season is to introduce a new shade of lip colour, says Iafelice. "This season sees flattering merlots, burgundies and deep bold reds," she explains.

To transition away from summer's lighter, less dramatic hues, ease into the new darker shades with tinted lip balms and glosses, and by using a lip brush to sheer out a bold lipstick, she advises. "If you'd prefer more colour for your pout, choose creamy lipsticks and lip stains, which are great for daytime looks," Iafelice says. "For the dramatic gal and evening looks, turn to mattes and full colour lipsticks."

Do note, however, that bold lips require balance with the rest of your makeup. Iafelice recommends pairing dark lips with a flawless complexion and softer makeup elsewhere on the face.

2. Fluid foundation
You don't have to be a model to obtain the radiant complexions seen on the fall runways. To get fall's clear, glowing skin, simply opt for a fluid or cream foundation that's buildable, suggests Iafelice.

"This variety provides you with control over how much coverage you need. Some days a simple swipe and blend of foundation with your fingers may be all you need to perk up the skin," she says. "Other days you can use a brush to layer the foundation over areas that need a little more disguising, like blemishes or dark circles, without a thick mess for that well-rested complexion."

3. Cream blush
Even if you don't usually wear blush, you might want to consider adding it to your makeup bag this fall.

"Blush is a key player this season in order to capture that outdoor rosy glow," says Iafelice. "Cream blushes are an incredible way to re-create this natural flush as their dewy soft texture just blends into the skin."

This season, go for shades of berry, rose and deeper pinks since they're closest to a true natural flush, she suggests. And to keep the look fresh and not overdone, use your fingers to apply the blush. "Simply tap them into the blush, then tap the colour onto your skin and blend in. Re-apply until the desired intensity is attained," she says.

If there is any colour left on your fingertips apply it to your lips for a quick complementary beauty boost.
4. Eyeliner
Think you look as tired as you feel? Eyeliner can instantly wake up your eyes. But should you opt for pencil or liquid? Iafelice suggests the best of both worlds.

"Cream eyeliners offers many options in one item. They have the soft consistency of a pencil for simple lines or the ability to be smudged for a soft smoky look," she explains. "With a liner brush, you have better control to re-create the popular cat's-eye or winged liner looks often done with liquid."

While black is her number 1 choice, Iafelice also advises looking to dark brown and even coloured eyeliners to change up your look.

5. Round head foundation brush
One of the hottest makeup tools to add to your makeup bag this fall is a round head foundation brush.

"You'll feel like a pro using it because within a minute or so you will have buffed your foundation into the coveted ‘no makeup' makeup look," says Iafelice.

Slightly dip the tips of the bristles into a wet foundation, picking up just a bit. Then draw small circles while continually moving the brush over your face, continuing to dip and buff until you achieve the results you want.

"It's almost like magic," she says, "as you'll see a great finish and, over time, you'll find you are using less foundation with better results."

6. Trendy nail colours
Keep your look fresh and on trend this fall by stocking up on a few key nail polish shades. If you're after a classic look, Iafelice suggests opting for rich dark reds, burgundies or luxurious nudes. For keeping up with the "it" shades of the season, try dark blues and forest greens. And for evenings, metallic finishes are perfect for fall, she notes.

"Whatever you choose, be sure to add a top coat every couple of days to keep it fresh looking," she says.

There's no need to completely change your makeup look this fall, which can be both daunting and expensive. But with a few new hues and the right tools and techniques, you can easily switch things up for a new season.


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6 must-have items for your fall makeup bag