7 benefits to choosing customized skincare

How Omy Laboratoires is Revolutionizing the Beauty Industry


7 benefits to choosing customized skincare


Customized skincare is no longer a dream of the future, it has now become a possibility with Omy Laboratoires. Omy is the only Canadian skincare company to provide personalized products with the help of an AI tool called SkinAI. The future of skincare is here for you to try!


When you visit Omy's website, you are assisted by SkinAI, an artificial intelligence skincare guide developed in collaboration with dermatologists. It asks a few questions to better understand your current skincare routine and the results you aim to achieve – all in less than 5 minutes. At the end of the process, the AI provides you with your customized skincare product recommendations.

Here are 7 other benefits to choosing customized skincare with Omy Laboratoires :


1 — All-in-one product.

When creating your customized skincare with Omy Laboratoires, you can tackle 3 different skin concerns in one cream or serum formula. By having one product for all your needs, you will optimize your skincare routine by saving application time, counter space, and money!


2 — Everyone’s skin is unique.

The beauty industry focuses on general skin type categories such as acne-prone, oily, sensitive, dry, etc. In reality, one person can be struggling with a combination of different skin concerns. To cover all possibilities of skin needs, Omy found that they would need to create 4000 different formulas – and that is exactly what they did! A person can have redness, acne, AND dullness as skin concerns, so it is very difficult to find a skincare product that works for everything without customized skincare.


3 — No discrimination.

Did you know that, depending on your age, you may be paying more for a product? The beauty industry charges higher prices for anti-aging products and lower prices for acne products. Not because the ingredients are more expensive, but because they assume that a working mature individual has more money to spend on their skincare. To avoid such discrimination, Omy provides different formulas all at the same price. Everyone is equal.


4 — Guided process.


Not everyone knows what their skin needs, and having access to a skincare expert during Covid can be challenging. That is why Omy developed a unique AI skin analysis tool online, SkinAI, to help determine your skin needs and propose the best formula for you.


5 — Cleaner beauty.

Making customized skincare means each product is made fresh for each customer. In contrast, regular beauty products can be stored in warehouses or stores for up to 2 years! To maintain such a long shelf life, many products contain preservatives. With Omy's customized skincare, your products are freshly made when you order and quickly delivered for immediate use. You can be rest assured that you are using more natural and safer ingredients, made in Canada, all in eco-friendly packaging.


6 — Risk-free.

If you have allergies or sensitive skin, it can be challenging to find a product that works for you. Since Omy customizes skincare products, you just have to mention your allergy or sensitivity concern and their scientific team will make sure to formulate a product that will fit you.


7 — Budget-wise beauty.

Take a moment and think of all the skincare products you bought that are currently accumulating dust in your bathroom. A beauty product consumer can spend up to $50,000 in their lifetime trying to find the right product for their skin. With customized and multifunction products from Omy, you will finally find that one product that works for you – no more wasting money on trial and error!

Ready to find the perfect formula for your unique skin? Take the quiz online at Omy Laboratoires with SkinAI.


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7 benefits to choosing customized skincare