8 common foot problems and how to fix them

8 common foot problems and how to fix them

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8 common foot problems and how to fix them

Problem #1: Ingrown nails
Solution: Instead of trimming your toenails in a rounded shape, cut them straight across using a straight-edged nail clipper. If a too-short nail starts to push into the skin, take action. "Relieve the pressure by rolling up a small piece of cotton and lightly pressing it underneath the nail," says Leeanne Colley, Revlon nail expert.

Problem #2: Nail loss

Solution: If you're athletic and your toenails take a beating, make sure to keep them short. "There should be no nail hanging over the toe," says Melissa Forrest, Sally Hansen nail expert. "That's such a pet peeve of mine." Not only are long nails unsightly and more prone to breakage, they also harbour bacteria, making them susceptible to infection.

Problem #3: Brittleness
Solution: "Brittle nails are dry nails," says Colley. For a quick fix, apply lotion and cuticle oil every night before bed. The hours spent curled up between the sheets will give moisture plenty of time to soak in. Choose a base coat with vitamin E, and keep your nails filed—brittle nails break easily when they snag.

Problem #4: Dry feet

Solution: To prevent dryness, use a foot file once or twice a week. "It takes a lot of elbow grease," says Forrest. Next, exfoliate in the shower with a sugar scrub or exfoliating brush to remove dead skin cells. And, as soon as you step out of the shower, apply shea butter lotion and throw on socks or slippers.

Problem #5:  Stubby toes or 
wide feet
Solution: Apply muted polish hues to prettify without drawing attention. Pinkish mauves and light lilacs are flattering. If you prefer a nude, make sure it's not an exact match to your skin. "Matching polish to skin tone is contemporary for hands," says Rita Remark, Essie lead nail artist, "but on feet it looks like you have no toenails." Instead, apply a polish that's two shades lighter.

Problem #6: Choosing the right 
nail colour

Solution: Colley says bold shades like cobalt blue, teal, orchid, salmon and coral flatter everyone. Avoid sheer polish on the toes because it may not look healthy, suggests Remark. For yellow-toned skin, choose blue or magenta polish; for pale skin, pastels and neons; and for darker skin, medium tones like raspberry.

Problem #7: Tan lines

Solution: Wear sunscreen! "Do you know how many times I've done pedicures and the client had geometric designs on her feet from gladiator sandals?" says Remark. Every time you apply sunscreen to your body, don't forget to slather your feet—you'll avoid a stripey tan.

Problem #8: Smelly feet
Solution: Forrest recommends using a foot deodorizer or talcum powder to absorb moisture. She also suggests avoiding foot lotion in the morning, as it will only cause your feet to sweat. "If you want your feet to look moisturized before putting on your open-toed shoes, use cuticle oil," she says. Shoe inserts are another option. "Tana makes Barefoot Insoles," says Remark. "They're machine-washable, antibacterial and breathable."

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This story was originally titled "Club Ped" in the August 2014 issue.
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8 common foot problems and how to fix them