9 quick and easy beauty fixes

9 quick and easy beauty fixes

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9 quick and easy beauty fixes

You wake up and notice a bright red zit on your nose and bags under your eyes -- and you have a job interview in an hour. What do you do? We've asked the experts to solve your beauty 911s.

Bright pimple
Quick fix: Dab some apple cider vinegar on the spot to balance the pH of your skin, says makeup artist Jackie Shawn of Facial Arts/The Artist's Group. Then apply a yellow-based concealer with a lip brush, suggests Cheryl Gushue, a freelance makeup artist and teacher.
Long-term: Buy appropriate products for your skin type. If you tend to break out or have oily skin, Gushue recommends using a toner to get rid of trapped dirt and oil.

Smudged mascara
Quick fix: Take a Q-tip with a bit of water or makeup remover and clean it up, "like an eraser," says Gushue.
Long-term: Clean the mascara wand with a tissue, Shawn recommends. Gushue suggests using powder shadow on the lids first, applying waterproof mascara, then using a lash comb to remove clumps or excess. 

Bleeding lipstick
Quick fix: "Wrap a tissue around the nail of your finger, smile and gently wipe along your lipline to remove the messy edges," says Gushue.
Long-term: Prime lips with a touch of concealer or powder, adds Gushue. Line the lips with a matching lipliner, apply lipstick with the lip brush and blot with a tissue.

Creased eyeshadow
Quick fix: Use a fingertip or sponge-tip applicator, with or without a smidgen of Vaseline, and smudge the eyeshadow around.
Long-term: Stay away from creme shadows. Shawn says iridescent shadows also crease easily, so stick with matte. Gushue suggests applying concealer on the lid, patting the shadow on with an eye brush and then removing any excess.

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Overtweezed brows
Quick fix: "Fill them in with an eyebrow pencil or powder, but use a really light colour," says Shawn. "If you do need the extra colour, go only one step darker -- otherwise the brows tend to look theatrical."
Long-term: Get brows shaped by a professional, then follow the line at home.

Puffy eyes
Quick fix: Gushue suggests a cold gel eye mask or a Ziploc bag full of frozen peas and Shawn recommends cupping two frozen spoons over the eye area for a few minutes.
Long-term: Get some sleep and drink lots of water

Dark circles
Quick fix: Apply a yellow-based concealer on dark spots.
Long-term: If your dark circles are hereditary, there isn't much you can do. Otherwise, don't rub your eyes and get lots of rest and water, suggests Gushue.

Bikini bumps
Quick fix: "If it's really nasty, put some concealer on," says Shawn. "But the best thing to do is to leave it alone and let it air."
Long-term: "Use a good, clean, new razor and shaving gel," says Gushue. "If that doesn't work, try waxing." 

Smudged eyeliner
Quick fix: Take a Q-tip with some non-greasy eye-makeup remover or alcohol-free toner and clean it up.
Long-term: "Don't use pencil liners," says Gushue. "The combination of the waxy pencil and an oily lid will always smudge." Instead, wet a skinny angled brush and dab on some eye shadow – the consistency should be like a creme. For the lower lid, use a Q-tip and smudge some shadow.

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9 quick and easy beauty fixes